Possible Trade Scenario??

I'd like to preface this post by saying that I'm not a great writer, I have a lot of thoughts that sound great in my head, and when I go to put my thoughts in print it comes out sounding stupid.  I don't follow what other teams do, or have in there minor league system, so this trade may not even come close to's a speculation thread.

I've been hearing rumors that the Brewers could potentially be in a complete rebuild phase after losing Sabathia, and more than likely losing Sheets.  This trade scenario is dependant on the Brewers being in rebuild mode.  If they are not, than this trade will not work.  

I've thought the A's could make a trade with the Brewers to acquire J.J. Hardy, I think if we offer a package of Barton, Crosby, Simmons, and 1 to 2 mid level prospects it's enough to (or at least get in serious talks) pull Hardy out of Milwaukie.  But than I thought the Brewers aren't going to make that trade with Prince still on there roster, so....there needs to be a 3rd team involved to make this work.  I've contemplated, what potential team and players could get involved in this trade to make it work, I've given this a lot of thought.  Than in the shower this morning it hit me.....

Now I don't know much about the Red Sox farm system, so this may not work, but if Boston has the right # of prospects available this just might work.  Milwaukie and Boston work a deal that sends Prince to Boston for a boat load of prospects, and than Boston sends Youk to Oakland.  I think we would need to send a few prospects Boston's way to make this complete, but I'd be willing to deal anyone in our farm system not named Cahill or Anderson to acquire Hardy and Youk.

This deal works for all teams;

Boston;  The Red Sox acquire a big time 1B to get back at the Yanks for signing Tex.  Mike Lowell is happy to have his starting 3B job back in Boston. Not to mention a few of Oaklands prospects to finalize the deal.

Milwaukie:  They get a 1 year SS to fill the gap until there young prospects are ready to go.  They acquire a very young and talented 1B to replace the departed Prince.  They acquire Simmons and whatever other pitching prospects to re load there pitching staff for the future.  If they are rebuilding, I think it's a no brainer for Milwaukie.

Oakland;  We get the SS we so desperately need.  We get BB's holy grail in Youk, who can play 1B and 3B.  We take the money we didn't spend on Furcal, RJ, and Dunn/Burrel/Giambi/etc/etc and put it in a piggy bank and than throw it all at Matt Hoilday at the end of the season to try to get him locked up long term.

Maybe there is no way for this to happen, but I would soooo love to see it come true.

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