AN Community Prospect List - #45

Scott Mitchinson, RHP wins the #44rd spot with 22% of the vote.

Letter Grade = John Sickels Letter Grade
BA# = Baseball America Top A's Ranking
Mi# = Minor League Ball Community Prospect List Rank
BP# = Baseball Prospectus Top A's Rank
#X = Baseball Prospects Star Grade
S# ='s Top A's List

SC = StatsCorner
FG = FanGraphs

NOTE: FIP or wOBA stat will be placed for the level the prospect spent the most time at. FIP will be used for Pitchers, wOBA for Hitters. .000 or 0.00 indicates that the stat is unavailable.

AthleticsNation Top Prospect List:

  1. [SC] [FG] [2.63] Trevor Cahill, RHP [A-] [BA2] [Mi8]
  2. [SC] [FG] [2.81] Brett Anderson, LHP [A-] [BA1] [Mi16]
  3. [SC] [FG] [.384] Chris Carter, 3B/1B [B] [BA6] [Mi51]
  4. [SC] [FG] [.384] Aaron Cunningham, CF [B] [BA4] [Mi67]
  5. [SC] [FG] [3.92] Gio Gonzalez, LHP [B] [BA7] [Mi69]
  6. [SC] [FG] [.374] Adrian Cardenas, SS/2B [B] [BA5] [Mi57]
  7. [SC] [FG] [.398] Sean Doolittle, 1B/RF [B] [BA12] [Mi-??]
  8. [SC] [FG] [3.26] James Simmons, RHP [B-] [BA10] [Mi83]
  9. [SC] [FG] [3.00] Vin Mazzaro, RHP [B-] [BA8] [Mi97]
  10. [SC] [FG] [.276] Josh Donaldson, C [C+] [BA11]
  11. [SC] [FG] [000] Michel Inoa, RHP [B-] [BA3] [Mi72]
  12. [SC] [FG] [.365] Jemile Weeks, 2B [B] [BA9]
  13. [SC] [FG] [2.97] Henry Rodriguez, RHP [B-] [BA14]
  14. [SC] [FG] [.360] Rashun Dixon, CF [C+]
  15. [SC] [FG] [4.20] Fautino De Los Santos, RHP [C+]
  16. [SC] [FG] [2.74] Arnold Leon, RHP [C+]
  17. [SC] [FG] [3.54] Josh Outman, LHP [B-]
  18. [SC] [FG] [.372] Corey Brown, CF [C+] [BA13]
  19. [SC] [FG] [0.00] Brett Hunter, RHP [B-]
  20. [SC] [FG] [3.05] Sam Demel, RHP [C+]
  21. [SC] [FG] [4.04] Andrew Carignan, RHP [B-]
  22. [SC] [FG] [3.30] Tyson Ross, RHP [C+]
  23. [SC] [FG] [.385] Nino Leyja, SS
  24. [SC] [FG] [.362] Matt Sulentic, OF
  25. [SC] [FG] [2.94] Craig Italiano, RHP
  26. [SC] [FG] [.287] Gregorio Petit, SS
  27. [SC] [FG] [.388] Jason Christian, SS [C+]
  28. [SC] [FG] [4.42] Andrew Bailey, RHP [C+]
  29. [SC] [FG] [2.84] Jared Lansford, RHP
  30. [SC] [FG] [2.04] Carlos Hernandez, LHP
  31. [SC] [FG] [.362] Dusty Coleman, SS
  32. [SC] [FG] [.368] Cliff Pennington, SS
  33. [SC] [FG] [.319] Petey Paramore, C [C+]
  34. [SC] [FG] [.309] Matt Spencer, OF/1B
  35. [SC] [FG] [.328] Javier Herrera, OF
  36. [SC] [FG] [.340] Landon Powell, C
  37. [SC] [FG] [4.55] Travis Banwart, RHP
  38. [SC] [FG] [.357] Jeff Baisley, 3B
  39. [SC] [FG] [.000] Robin Rosario, OF
  40. [SC] [FG] [.000] Grant Desme, OF
  41. [SC] [FG] [.000] Joel Galarraga, C
  42. [SC] [FG] [.315] Jermaine Mitchell, OF
  43. [SC] [FG] [2.66] Daniel Thomas, RHP
  44. [SC] [FG] [2.13] Scott Mitchinson, RHP

[Sickels has revised his grades on Trevor Cahil and Brett Anderson to A-]

New Addition to the Candidates List:
Shawn Haviland, RHP
Justin Sellers, SS

Dropped From List:
Pedro Figueroa, LHP
Danny Putnam, OF

[SC] [FG] Jeff Gray, RHP
[SC] [FG] Michael Madsen, RHP
Jamie Richmond, RHP
David Thomas, OF
[SC] [FG] Jason Fernandez, RHP
Pedro Figueroa, LHP
Danny Putnam, OF

[x] removed due to ineligibility (over 130 AB or 50 IP)

Lower than 4% of the vote will get you bumped down from the list.

[SC] [FGRonny Morla, RHP
Brad Kilby, LHP
[SC] [FG] Anthony Capra, LHP
Ryan Webb, RHP
Shawn Haviland, RHP

[SC] [FG] Anthony Recker, C
Justin Sellers, SS

[SC] [FG] Jeremy Barfield, OF
[SC] [FG] Tyreace House, OF
JD Pruit, OF

Ryan Doolittle, RHP
Ricardo Penalba, RHP
Scott Hodsen, RHP
Jason Windsor, RHP
Jason Glushon, RHP
Mike Benacka, RHP
Jose Guzman, RHP
Chris Farley, RHP
Graham Godfrey, RHP
Patrick Currin, RHP
Jose Fragaso, RHP
Ben Hornbeck, LHP
Chad Kerfoot, RHP
Lance Sewell, LHP
Leonardo Espinal, RHP
Justin Friend, RHP
Nick Walters, LHP
Kenny Smalley, RHP
Mike Hart, RHP
Trey Barham, LHP
Pedro Vidal, RHP
Mickey Storey, RHP
Jonathan Joseph, RHP
Juston Street, RHP

Franklin Contreras, SS
Tommy Everidge, 1B
Joshua Horton, SS
Matt Smith, C
Larry Cobb, 2B
Jake Smith, C
Michael Richards, SS
Ryne Jernigan, 2B
Franklin Hernandez, 1B
Neudy Clime, 2B

Chris Berroa, OF
Jose Crisostomo, OF
Mike Massaro, OF
Richie Robnett, OF
Jon Zeringue, OF
Archie Gilbert, OF
Toddric Johnson, OF
Jose Crisostomo, OF

Unknown (Minor League Free Agents):
Jose Garcia, RHP
Brad Knox, RHP
Shane Komine, RHP
David Shafer, RHP
Casey Rogowski, 1B

If you have a suggestion for the next player to be put on the list, please say so in the comments.

The Prospect Depth Chart below should help, at a glance, to tell how deep the A's are at each position, in terms of quality and quantity. List is ranked by order they appear in the Community Prospect List.

The stats below are tRA+ for Pitchers and wOBA+ for Hitters. 000+ indicates that no stats were available.

A's Top Prospect Depth Chart:
Starting Pitching:
[SC] [FG] [137+] Trevor Cahill, RHP
[SC] [FG] [133+] Brett Anderson, LHP
[SC] [FG] [119+] Gio Gonzalez, LHP
[SC] [FG] [114+] James Simmons, RHP
[SC] [FG] [126+] Vin Mazzaro, RHP
[SC] [FG] [000+] ]Michel Inoa, RHP
[SC] [FG] [136+] Henry Rodriguez, RHP
[SC] [FG] [000+] Fautino De Los Santos, RHP
[SC] [FG] [136+] Arnold Leon, RHP #
[SC] [FG] [107+] Josh Outman, LHP #
[SC] [FG] [076+] Brett Hunter, RHP
[SC] [FG] [114+] Tyson Ross, RHP
[SC] [FG] [118+] Craig Italiano, RHP
[SC] [FG] [124+] Carlos Hernandez, LHP

Relief Pitching:
[SC] [FG] [136+] Henry Rodriguez, RHP #
[SC] [FG] [136+] Arnold Leon, RHP
[SC] [FG] [107+] Josh Outman, LHP
[SC] [FG] [131+] Sam Demel, RHP
[SC] [FG] [083+] Andrew Carignan, RHP
[SC] [FG] [118+] Craig Italiano, RHP #
[SC] [FG] [080+] Andrew Bailey, RHP
[SC] [FG] [127+] Jared Lansford, RHP
[SC] [FG] [081+] Travis Banwart, RHP

[SC] [FG] [087+] Josh Donaldson, C
[SC] [FG] [102+] Petey Paramore, C 
[SC] [FG] [099+] Landon Powell, C
[SC] [FG] Joel Galarraga, C

First Base/Designated Hitter:
[SC] [FG] [117+] Chris Carter, 3B/1B #
[SC] [FG] [115+] Sean Doolittle, 1B/RF #
[SC] [FG] [106+] Matt Spencer, OF/1B

Middle Infield:
[SC] [FG] [107+] Adrian Cardenas, SS/2B #
[SC] [FG] [122+] Jemile Weeks, 2B
[SC] [FG] [000+] Nino Leyja, SS #
[SC] [FG] [086+] Gregorio Petit, SS
[SC] [FG] [103+] Jason Christian, SS
[SC] [FG] [000+] Dusty Coleman, SS
[SC] [FG] [105+] Cliff Pennington, SS

Third Base:
[SC] [FG] [117+] Chris Carter, 3B/1B
[SC] [FG] [107+] Adrian Cardenas, SS/2B
[SC] [FG] [000+] Nino Leyja, SS
[SC] [FG] [109+] Jeff Baisley, 3B

[SC] [FG] [116+] Aaron Cunningham, CF
[SC] [FG] [000+] Rashun Dixon, CF
[SC] [FG] [111+] Corey Brown, CF
[SC] [FG] [101+] Javier Herrera, OF 

[SC] [FG] [115+] Sean Doolittle, 1B/RF
[SC] [FG] [109+] Matt Sulentic, OF
[SC] [FG] [106+] Matt Spencer, OF/1B #
[SC] [FG] [101+] Javier Herrera, OF #
[SC] [FG] Robin Rosario, OF
[SC] [FG] Grant Desme, OF 

[#] Some players may be listed at multiple positions. # indicates that this is their most likely position, or best position they can stick at. Other instances of the player mean that they can/might shift over to that position eventually, in either best case or worst case scenario. This does not take into account other players/prospects pushing them out of that position. [#]

The System has gone in several places from a position of need to a position of depth, and visa versa. Middle Infield, as soon as mid 2008, was a barren wasteland, with only Petit and Pennington there who could amount to anything. Since then, we've seen a haul of Middle Infield draft prospects as well as Adrian Cardenas from the Joe Blanton trade. The Problem for the A's, however, is that pretty much all of this Middle Infield Depth is in the low minors, quite a few years away, while there is a pressing need at the MLB Level for a quality Shortstop.

Starting Pitching has also become a place of massive depth compared to 2007, when the system had great pitching in the Majors, but almost nothing in the minors-when Jason Windsor, Shane Komine and Mike Madsen were being touted as our top prospects.

But just as Pitching and Middle Infield depth has grown, the system is completely barren of Corner Infield depth. The only real true Corner Infield prospects the team has are Chris Carter and Sean Doolittle, both who are 1B prospects, though the team is trying to get Carter to stick at 3B. If he does somehow manage to play average, or slightly below, at 3B in the Majors, he would be a great welcome, but thus far it is not known if he can stick there, or even at First Base. Doolittle looks like a Gold Glove 1B, and a good hitter, but not quite as good as Carter with the bat. But aside from those two, there is no one else there (unless you count Matt Spencer and hope that his 2nd half of 2008 was the real Spencer). Compared to years past, when 1B/DH was the teams position of strength, this is definitely a change.

The System also has a rather amazing amount of Center field depth in the system, though somewhat a lack of Corner Outfield depth up the chart. This is made up for, though, by the slew of young outfielders on the 25 man roster (Sweeney and Buck), and OF depth on the 40 man Roster (Denorfia, Davis, Murton, etc...).

Catcher is also somewhat thin, but with Kurt Suzuki installed in the Majors, it is not a pressing need. Galarraga and Powell should battle for the Backup Catcher spot in 2009 or 2010, whenever Rob Bowen becomes obsolete or too expensive. And by the time that Suzuki is ready to leave, Josh Donaldson or Pete Paramore should be ready.

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