DLD 9/25/08: Things I've learned about the A's, and life, from AN this season

Outside of Rex Hudler, nothing has edumacated me more about baseball than AN.  I consider myself decently well read on the National Pastime, but I don't have time to keep up on minor leaguers, SABR revelations, or how good Swooney looked yesterday stretching.  Thankfully, I can get all of that here.

...But not just that.  Also: AN culture.

As a thanks to this wonderful community, and a fun first season with AN, I wanted to create a fANpOst where people can share how AN has edumacated them.

Thanks all, and looking forward to your comments

A few things I have learned:


Animal Division

  • Unicorns are real.
  • Monkey's are unpredictable.  Behaviors range from poetic interludes to the blogging equivalent of painting murals out of one's own feces.
  • Goats.

Grammar/Etiquette/Speeling Division

  • Their, They're, There.  You're Your.  Take the time to not F it up, for fear of the Grammar Police's wrath.
  • Saying "First" will get people calling for your head.  But saying "Frist" will get an annoying comment about the Senator.
  • When arguments creep into extreme snark or pure hatred (typically by this time the comments are way indented to the right, and kind of difficult to follow), hope for cooler heads to slip in a joke about some sort of animal (see above)
  • The best comments read like this:

Bean is stupid.  Why would you give up on a guy like Hardin when clearly he's the best picher in the MLB.  If he wants to learn how to do his job, look across the Bay where they have a beautiful ballpark and people actually have fun at games.

The best fAnPOstS read like that too.

  • Comment/FanPost ratios are a decent indicator for future performance in AN.

Minor Leagues Division

  • Justin Smoak = silver lining for every loss this season.

Love Orgy (aka Swoon) Division

  • Vote Ziggy.
  • or Zooks.
  • Chicks dig Travis Buck's Honeysuckle locks
  • occasionally: kraut

Polarizing Division

  • Jack. Cust.  It's ok to hate/love him as long as you don't mind being labeled a hippy/stathead.

Gang Up Division

  • It's ok to hate/hate Emil Brown.  His talent for accruing RBIs strangely vanished, and we could all agree on a nickname.

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