Yankee. Stadium .Is .A .Lot .Of .Work

First let me preface by saying, I thoroughly hate the New York subway system. With the exception of the downtown business areas there are no escalators or elevators so you have to drag yourself and your luggage up multiple flights of stairs.

But it does have great air conditioning.

Anyway, I just staggered back form the A's/Yankees series. It was hot, but not as humid as I thought. Unfotunately, my seat was on the top deck so  I felt extremely removed from the action. In order to get to my seat, I had to go up 5, count them, 5 sets of escalators. Coming down was even more fun as the escalators wree turned off so you had to walk down, 5, count them 5 escalators.

Now to get back to the subway,  you have to walk around the stadium and then down the street, So consider walking across the BART bridge at the Coliseum  oh, maybe, 2-3 times and then getting squeezed into a long corridor designed for 300 people that held about 1000  and then increase the temperature to about 101 degrees. Finally, squeeze all of the air out and ban the use of any air conditioning or fans.Leave abosutely  no space between any shoulders which forces the crowd to move as one.

Batting Practice was no fun cuz the only access you had to players was at the very far sidelines. So, you could not connect with the infielders.  The only players you had access to were the ones who are notoriously known for treating the fans as backdrops and who never, no matter how many kids call out to them even acknowledged that they heard them ( I'm looking at you Dallas Braden & Santiago Casilla). It's not like they were doing  reps at the time, they were just hanging around. At least , Jeremy Blevins did sign for a child.

I went to Monument Park and waited for the rush and the thrill........Meh,. I guess you have to be a Yankee fan to feel whatever you are supposed to feel.

Anyway, the Yankee fans did not seem to care a tinker's damn or ar a rat's azz about the A"s fans that were there. It's like, I was expecting some good natured ribbing..something. Nothing .It was only when I put on  my ten gallon foam hat that I got any recognition as an A's fan. The guy next to me said, when I commented on the lack of comradery.

"You gotta realize, it may be a bigger thing to you A's fans, to us, you're just a team that comes in six games out of a year. " ( Have we been rendered so inconsequential, Billy?) 

One more thing, that stood out. was that  the fans would howl in indignation each time the umpire would call a strike. Like, how dare they.....

Anyway, I didn't really feel anything while at the games. I really felt numb and really did not enjoy myself at all. Even when I've been at away games, when the A's have lost, I've had a ball with the fans.

So, I can say I've been to Yankee Stadium...big whoops.



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