Thomas Report

Both Bay area newspapers indicated that Thomas didn't get the best news from the doctor and won't be able to start baseball activities for another week.

The best reason, in my opinion, to not bring in another hitter was that with Thomas and Sweeney coming back soon we would have too many hitters. Now, I am worried that Frank might be out for an extended period of time and our offense will continue to suffer.

I really think the team needs to bring in someone who they can add to the line-up immediately. There are too many guys who are not producing.

There are several options.

1- Bonds. I have been against it because he would take away at-bats from guys who were actually contributing (Thomas, Sweeney and Cust). Bonds would be limited to DH which would bump Frank and Mike S.. Well, both are hurt and as the last report signifies, may not return until its too late. Lets say Bonds is DH for July, Thomas returns. Bonds then would have to play LF. That is where he would take AB from Cust. I like Cust. He is not a star but he has helped the team alot more than other guys this year. I would hate to see Cust get dumped for Barry. However, Cust would have about 3-4 weeks (before Thomas returns) to keep his job. If Cust and Barry both produced then the team would have to platoon (which in theory isn't bad except for the roster crunch and lack of defensive replacements). I think the PR and fans anger at this won't be a problem because the media is not talking about the A's anyway, the attendance at the Coliseum is not great at all. As to team morale, I don't think it will be much of a problem as well. Why? Its only for 1/2 of a season. Also, some guys on the team will love the addition of Bonds it as its a message to them that the organization WANTS to Win.

If Bonds was game ready right now, meaning he wouldn't need 10 days or so in the minors to get ready, then I would probably say bring him in. IF,  he would need say 10 days to get ready then probably no, because by then Thomas/ Sweeney might be back (then again someone else might be hurt). Either way NOW is the time to make a decision on him.

2- Making a major trade for a major bat. For example, trading 2 guys on the roster and a prospect for someone like Bay, Beltre, Holliday. These deals usually take a long time to put together and are probably not best to be handled in a rush. I would need to see the specifics. HOWEVER, if the A's have been doing some preliminary talking with another team and have a decent deal to add a star from a team out of contention it might be a decent move. This will cost us prospects unlike option 1 and or 3, but on the positive it will allow the A's to bring in exactly what the team needs.

3- Add player but not a star. There are probably some veterans out there who can play better than some of our starters (specifically Barton and Hannahan). Some might be on the bench of another team or out of the game. Say Hatteberg, Chris Shelton or someone like Rich Aurelia. I don't think it would take much to get one of these guys. This is low risk, low reward. The only risk is that the new player doesn't hit much better than the guy he is replacing.

I am not sure what the A's will do. I am not certain what option is best.

I do believe the following. The A's are a good team. They are in the race for the West. Except for the meltdown in the 8th we would be only 2.5 games back. Our GM is known for liking to shake the team up and has no problem with turnover. Also, our offense is the key problem and whats worse, traditionally pitchers start to lose their effectiveness as you move on into the later summer (see 2007 A's). I think the A's should make a move to add a hitter, and the time to do so is now. (Arguably, the best time would have been early June but predicting the future is not always easy).



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