Start Spreading the News…NY Help!

To finish the line, I’m (not) leaving today…but actually Wednesday.

Sorry, I could not meet some new fellow ANers at AN Day 5 Saturday but I planned a New York trip with my son and the two trips would have been too much, too close.  I will have to try to keep my even year AN Day streak alive next year – went to AN 2 and 4 with my son.

Now for the help part.  I have never been to New York.  I know there are many on AN who live in or near New York…and many more who have attended games at Yankee Stadium.

Current itinerary:

  • We are flying into Long Island Wednesday the 16th and staying in a hotel near the airport.
  • We are then staying in Secaucus, NJ Thursday through Monday the 21st.  My understanding is that the trip from Secaucus to Times Square is just a quick bus ride.  And I have been told that you can pretty much get to anywhere from Grand Central Station.
  • Thursday will probably be Empire State Building.
  • Friday: Ellis Island booked.
  • Saturday: Game and Monument Park.  Tickets already bought for the game.
  • Sunday: Probably another game.
  • Monday: Thinking of taking the train to Baltimore for a game (only other East coast team playing at home while we are in NY)

I am also going to squeeze in the Natural History museum either Thursday or Monday.

I have purposely not prepaid for much just in case this trip was not going to happen for whatever reason, only purchasing the game tickets and Ellis Island.  I did not want to miss out on those by waiting but everything else is refundable or I can safely purchase once in NY.

So any tips AN?

Anything else I need to do?

Any traveling tips to any of the locations listed above?   Someone suggested I could catch a bus or something to the Bronx from Grand Central Station.  Someone else said I should take the subway because of traffic.

Tips for the game?  I saw on the Yankees site that Monument Park opens when the gates open (two hours before the game) and closes 45 minutes before game time.  Also, can’t get in with bleacher tickets.  Anything else I need to know to get into Monument Park?

Autographs?  I figure we will miss bp if we are visiting Monument Park which is why I am thinking we may catch Sunday’s game too.  Where are when are the best times and places to try for autographs.


Anything else I need to know?  Thanks in advance!

Any help is appreciated and I would be happy to reciprocate for those visiting SoCal for the A’s-Angels.


Coming in a couple weeks...request for Sacramento tips.  Been there once for work and going again in early August.  Planning on catching my first Rivercats game.

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