An End to MLB.TV Blackouts

Unfortunately, I'm not here to give you (what would be) great news about MLB finally ending it's blackout policy for games streamed on MLB.TV. But maybe we can do a something to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

I've created an online petition directed at Commissioner Bud Selig (whose office is responsible for such things) asking him to reconsider, re-work, revoke, and/or otherwise abolish the tyranny that is MLB.TV blackouts.

Below is the text of the petition. Please suggest improvements on the petition's text, send the link to the petition to friends and family, and post a link on your blogs and favorite forums. Oh, and sign it!

Sign the petition: End MLB.TV Blackouts

The text:

End MLB.TV Blackouts

Target: Major League Baseball, Office of the Commissioner

Dear Commissioner Selig:

We, the undersigned baseball fans, request that you consider an immediate end to Major League Baseball's blackout policy with regard to games broadcast on MLB.TV.

There are endless reasons why current blackout restrictions are bad for fans, and bad for the game of baseball.

First and foremost, many of us are unable to enjoy watching the teams we love, even after paying $89.99 to $119.95 for use of the service, simply because we live in or are using the internet in the wrong zip code. If a fan is in Minnesota, he can't watch Twins games. If another is in Phoenix, she can't watch Diamondbacks games. How does this make any sense?

Some of us don't have cable television. Some of us want to watch games where there is no television, like in a workplace breakroom, or a school cafeteria, or a neighborhood cafe. Some of us are unfortunate enough to be in a zip code where blackout rules apply to multiple teams, sometimes as many as six. This is patently ridiculous. Why is it so difficult to get Major League Baseball to accept our money in return for showing us the games we want to see?

Disallowing paying customers the ability to watch their favorite teams wherever they are or whenever they can does harm to baseball, both in retaining current fans and attracting new ones. The current blackout policy is arcane, and serves absolutely no one's interests: not the game's, not the teams', not the broadcasters' of the games, not MLB.TV's, and certainly not the fans'.

Please consider abolishing the blackout policy as soon as possible and begin taking steps immediately that will make that outcome possible. Let us watch the game we love.

We thank you for your consideration of this matter.

We've got a long wait before the next real ballgame. How about some AN activism?

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