3/26/08 DLD: A winning dump

- The whole effing world's against us, dude, swear to God.
For those keeping track of the various indignities heaped on the A's this week during this massively pro-Boston event, the Oakland flag in center field fell from the stadium ceiling during the game and had to be picked up and carried away.
At least it was only the flag and not Rich Harden. Also from that article:
Andrew Brown was feeling better on Wednesday after abdominal discomfort the previous two days required him to be tested for appendicitis. Brown wasn't available to pitch on Tuesday night, but he was good to go Wednesday, though he joked that the team charter after the game might have to be diverted to Hawaii if it turns out he actually does have appendicitis.
That is not something to joke about.

- Lookout Landing made the transition to 2.0 last night. Updates!

1. Avatars are optional. I know y'all had planned a big revolution where everyone would show their solidarity by opting out of an avatar. Well, consider this new feature the ultimate black armband. Now you can go to Edit Settings and flip 'Display member avatars / profile images?' to 'No'.

2. Wide layout option. Inspired (somewhat) by the Microsoft Paint artwork you posted in the threads that cried out for us to stop wasting space, we decided to provide a layout option with a wider version of the main content area. Now, in the menu box, you can click the two links/icons to flip back and forth between the wide and narrow options. I'm sure many of you will want to utilize the wide version that is optimized for large monitors and higher resolutions.

HELP! I'm having problems with Preview and Save. Preview: the popup screen says my popups are blocked. They aren't. Then it eats my text. Save: Page is unavailable, then it eats my text. Results: I'm pissed.

- Do they even try? Oakland A's beat Boston Red Sox 4-1 in Tokyo

- Cute message on kitten's fur

The fur on this kitten, born Sunday in Sacramento, California, seems to spell out "I (heart) (dot)." That's especially cute because the kitten's mother is named Dottie.
That's not cute. This is cute:

- Via BBTF, Statistically Speaking: Seidman: Open Letter to ‘Baseball Tonight’

Will Leitch’s ( book God Save the Fan touches on issues like this and it really resonated with me. In it, he discusses how Kruk admitted on a radio station that some of the opinions are fake and pre-determined. I mean, that says it right there. This is a show designed to benefit viewers and we are left with pre-determined opinions that analysts do not truly agree with and analysis that features health as its key proponent.

- Finally, I'd like to give the AN crew a collective pat on the back for an awesome opening series. You guys make it fun... even really early in the morning.

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