Hope Is Dangerous And Sometimes Tiresome:

Hope woke me up at 3AM Today...

Hope led me to believe that the Red Sox  "might" not score...

Hope made me believe that losing Chavez's glove "may" not matter...

Hope made me believe that between the mix of young center fielders one "could" stand out and be able to track a ball as well as Kotsay...

Hope led me to believe Street's control of the strike zone "may" return...

Hope had me wishing for "Zooks" to be the hero in Japan...

Hope led me to believe that "Lach" would not be missed...

In the end, "Hope" is all I had as the A's showed us all what I can expect this year...An exciting team who is favored to lose more games than they win and I'd be smart to not EVER expect a win...I "Hope" I can temper my expectations... :)


Game Notes:

Three things that are still killing me this morning are the IBB to Ortiz , the 3rd base  coach (Tony DeFrancesco) sending Barton and the VERY minor League attempt to haul in Manny's shot.

I could be upset about the team letting Dice-K off the hook in the first two innings, but I expect the offense to struggle with RISP all year so I was happy with the patience that they showed and the fact that they didn't GIDP and managed to get two runs across.

Ordering your CLOSER to walk Ortiz, who was 0-4, in order to pitch to Manny, who absolutely OWNS the A's, made my ire rise and Manny didn't disappoint my ire when he nailed a shot off the wall in CF.

Manny's shot was the type of hit that teams with good defensive CFs catch to win games, just look at the ball that Ellsbury hauled in to rob Brown in the bottom of the 8th. If Jacoby misses that ball, then Brown would have been at third with no outs and would have been a VERY valuable insurance run.

DeFrancesco sending Barton when his run wasn't the tying run was also inexcusable. If Brown didn't draw the throw, the Sox understood the importance of Brown's run, Barton would have probably been nailed at the plate.

By eliminating Brown the Sox accomplished exactly what they had to. the got the tying run off the basepaths and eliminated Crosby from being the winning run. Basic baseball 101 says that you hold Barton and give your team a shot to let a single tie the game without taking the chance on a lead footed ex-catcher scoring from 1st on a double.

Two of these three things can be fixed immediately, and we can only "Hope" that one of the three CFers can play above average defense.

I wonder if we can pull off a Rincon-like trade and have Crisp switch dugouts before this morning's game?

On a good note, I loved the heart and grit that the offense showed in the tenth inning and I do believe that this will be a fun team as long as I don't have HOPE that they will be a winning team.

I think I'll set the alarm for 5AM this time and catch the end of the game...





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