Bug my car dump: Weekend DLD 0216-1708

Inspired by Apricot’s awesome HOWTO DLD IN 3.0 DLD of yesterday, I thought I’d check and see what this brave new world was like for myself. Also, with the recommend system now working, Zonis’ Bug Report fAnPOsT has dropped out of sight, so please use this space to post weekend links and 3.0 bug reports. I have some of both:


1. I like to see lots of faNPoSts on my front page, and I keep trying to choose “show 25 fANPosTS,” but it doesn’t take. It stays on 10 or so.

2. My first car I ever bought for myself was an orange ’72 VW Bug, with the infamous semi-automatic "Autostick" transmission, an apex of automotive absurdity.  Like Eric Chavez, it was clutchless!  And I repaired it with speaker wire whenever it stopped working, like every third day. Vw-bug-afire_medium

It didn’t end this way on my watch, but it was heading there fast.

3. I’ve always written my diaries KraZEe FaNpoST AkshUn in Word, hand-coding my limited repertoire of HTML tricks. I think most people writing DLDs did the same. As I write this I’m wondering if it’ll work this time. As I'm previewing I learn it does not. I must use the buttons, or forgo all pictures, which get uploaded as sbn assets instead of simple img src placed images. And then the pics don't go where I wanted them, and I have to manually move them within the fAnPoSt creation window.  It also inserts links which say "via," which must be manually deleted (I left one as an example).  Simple img src coding seems to be useless for images within FAnpoSts (not the same as the comment images, which are as they always were). Very frustrating.  I'm guessing this is because fAnpoSts are set up like front page stories, where you'd want images to become sbn assets.  But it has the effect of making placing images in simple FAnposTS maddening.

4.  One apparently cannot manipulate text (bold, underline, etc) within a blockquote.  I tried both manually and with buttons on the words "rental car" in the box below; no dice.

5.  There is no 5. 

6. There's probably other ways of doing this, which leads me to the next bug:  You can either use the buttons with their limitations, or be an uber-savvy user like Apricot or Zonis...and nothing in between.  Probably 95% of FanpOsT writers are something in between, and the new system for composing thwarts and mocks us.  It was better when the DIARY preview told me if I'd made an HTML error, and then I could try and figure it out.  Now, stuff just works or it doesn't; no explanation or education.  I've now wearied of many previews and I'm posting it, knowing it's been far more difficult than the more complex DLDs I've done in the past.  And uglier, too.

7. Apricot cleverly titled his DLD “There’s too much confusion here,” yet no one replied that they can’t get no relief.

Let me echo another thing others have said: the level of tech responsiveness on this upgrade has been fantastic. I remain unconvinced that the hipster look and new tricks are worth tearing down stuff that already worked well. But the responsiveness now is everything that the excruciating 2.0 upgrade was not.



1. When art cars die. Alameda Aphid finds Cecile and Alexia’s bejeweled Tercel in the junkyard.




2. I bet this car has some serious bugs: Amphibious car…a convertible, no less! You breathe through a scuba-type apparatus.

3. Maybe this is relevant: the Freakonomics blog asks whether social networking by internet is good or bad for society.

4. Crime? In Oakland? Mooooo! This is an awesome tool: The Oakland Crimespotting website takes crime reports and lets you overlay them on Google maps. They just got back up online, so the data repopulating will take some time, but check out this plot of crimes in the Coliseum area over the last month or so. The BART lot don’t look so bad!

5. Arizona hot, Florida not in the spring training turf wars, says the New York Times’ Murray Chass, as more teams defect to the Valley of the Sun.

Using a surtax on rental cars, Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, raised revenue to help build new parks or renovate older ones. That set the tone for subsequent developments.

(see what I did right there?)

6. Ex-St. Louis Ram player Willie Gary is suing the New England Patriots for $100 million for cheating him out of the 2002 Super Bowl. I lost money on that game too; can we make it a class action?

7. Need more cars. I’ve just aimlessly watched a little World’s Strongest Man on TV, so how about…the car walk! D64ee718b34d91fb4d8509a4f4e0b0f4_medium


8. Or even better: all life is suffering, and lifting cars is as valid a path to enlightenment as any other. 8d4ba9d4d06d2a44b3bec935d67e25b0_medium 

Dump my bug car…now!


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