DLD 2/15/08: There's Too Much Confusion

Where is the DLD?  Has it been eaten by the Fanshots?  

I tried posting a Fanshot, and (1) it failed, and (2) it doesn't feel the same as having your links lovingly ignored by a hundred hardcore fans. 

 So. Here is my Link Dump, complete with dumping thought process as a debugging trail for future DLDers and psychologists. This will make it useful to AN3 debuggers and very boring to humans.

 {Hey, the cursor randomly jumps out of the textbox when I type too fast and loses focus, much like myself.}

 Marine Layer on the new ballpark.  {Okay hitting the link button pulls up a blank window that says {$lang_insert_link_title}. Really not helpful.

{Ahhh.... okay turning OFF WYSIWYG has returned things to sanity on Safari/Leopard.} Rule 1. Don't use WYSIWYG.

{Okay, if these links are old, then why don't YOU open up the Dump tomorrow, Mr/s Smarty Pants?}

 U.S.S. Mariner predicts A's will win the division, proof solid that there is are horrible bugs in their simulation software.

{Okay, previewing the post was scary. First, it previewed but didn't give any way to re-edit. Secondly, it put things into a funny mode where HTML meant WYSIWYG and vice-versa. AND DAMNIT, STOP LEAVING THE TEXTBOX WHEN I TYPE FAST. Rule 2.To get out of preview hit Esc, don't hit Back.}

 {throws   }

{OKAY, RULE 3. DON'T USE ANY BUTTONS ON THE BAR. The last button apparently means "destroy your post" if you the whole thing selected. I think in advanced mode, there is a button that means "begin colonoscopy". Don't push that one.}

Okay, it's been a lot of work to post these two links. I apologize to gigglingone for thinking she was a wimp for being exhausted posting her DLD.

This is a game that looks intriguing for fantasy baseball types: Simyard.

Okay, now the whole second half of my post doesn't preview. Why? No one knows. RULE 4. Trying will only lead to FAILURE.

{Ahh... totally gave up on the web interface and I'm editing this in Textmate, a hardcore text editor. The freedom, the feeling of ease of entry... I love the feel of bug-free text entry in the morning... it feels like... Typography.}

{Ah, now I know why the editing felt so familiar. It's EXACTLY the feeling when you're trying to type something and small child is on your lap randomly hitting mouse buttons, keys and body parts.}

RULE 5. Edit text and past it back in, unless you want to simulate having a small child screwing with your computer.

{I'm just going to assume that this is being saved correctly, because my preview hasn't changed in many keystrokes.}

By the way, I talked to the maker of killfile for Firefox, and he has kindly agreed to try to adapt killfile to AN3.

That's all the energy I've got. Dump away. If you can find this diary!

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