What is your favorite A’s Minor League Park

There are several things that I wanted to cover in my short life.  I wanted to visit all 50 states.  Done that.  I wanted to visit every national park.  Close but still a lot of work.  Visit all major league parks.  Got a ways to go.  And visit the 5 minor league parks of the A’s.  That I completed 2 years ago.

Now I know there is an Arizona league and I didn’t count it.  To me it is more instructional and who would visit Arizona in the summer.  And there are Dominican Leagues.  But who has ever seen their standings.

We’ll start this with a Poll:    What A’s minor league parks have you been in?

The first two parks I and my son (Zonis) attended were Sacramento and Stockton.  Like many, we made it a baseball weekend in the valley, going to a Saturday night game in Sacramento and a noon game the next day in Stockton.  So, I will give you may impressions of both.

Sacramento is a very fine park but I was disappointed in it.  And why you might ask?

Well first of all it is very expensive.  For a comparable park, I would pick the Toledo Mud Hens Park, Klinger’s favorite team.  Both are similar but the Mud Hens Park is a lot cheaper.  Built in the middle of downtown Toledo, you can see sky scrapers in the background.  But it costs about half the price to get into the park.  

And parking is a lot cheaper.  When we went to Sacramento, the parking was 12 $.  That is a lot more than most tickets I have ever bought in other minor league parks. 

Second, is there is no river at Rivercats Stadium.  Well, no river that you can see.  How can you have a team named Rivercats without a river.  I mean, the new Pittsburg Pirates Major league Park, the Quad City Swing in Davenport, Iowa, and the Stockton Port all have rivers that a home run could be hit into.  You can get a water stick finder and the closest will be a half mile away.  This is no way to name a stadium.

It is a nice park.  Good sight lines.  Good scoreboard.  Nice seats.  Fairly modern,  but too expensive.


Next was Stockton, and I love this park.  Much cheaper.  Hit a homerun in right field and it goes into the river.  Great prices to get into the game.  Rocking chair section in right field to eat and watch the game.  Great Tri tip Special with potato Salad, and drink for a reasonable price.  Picnic section in left field (if my memory serves me well).  Reasonable parking rates.

We went to a day game in May, but it would be hard to attend a day game in June.  It was too hot to sit in the direct sun so we moved back and sat on the steps.  Not a bad seat in the house.

Might rate it my favorite park, but I think I would have to see all the parks again.

Those are my comments.  Hope to hear what you have to say about the subject.  Will have a second column about the other three parks.

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