QOTM: Early Thanksgiving Edition

Since nobody else wants to do it, I will. I'm too lazy to go back farther than a month. Besides, it's not Quote of the Last 2 or 3 months. Let me know if I missed anything.

Excretory Activity edition
Poppy: Isn’t there a children’s book called "Everybody Engages In Excretory Activity"?
salb918: My excretory activity don't work in the playoffs

Snarky wit edition:
5Aces:  Sorry, was using your own words. Next time I’ll try to put some thought into it.

Best HaHaGuyEver edition

67MARQUEZ: This one is ova.
Oblique: Not to egg you on, but I agree.

DyeLongJustice:  Halifax is cool ... but Victoria would have to be on the list, because thats where Richie Harden is from…and this is an A’s blog afterall.
PaulThomas: Surprisingly, it turns out Victoria specializes in producing spilt milk

Apricot: Congratulations! And thank you for both my $10 payment, and monkeyball’s $10 payment.
Nico:  Foolshgame22 is in charge of making the payments, so they should be arriving any day now.
monkeyball:  unfortunately, he sent them electronically via ByrnesPal. The payments will be taking indirect routes through banks in Nigeria, Ukraine, and Switzerland before reaching their destinations.
nevermoor:  Although the delivery will be made at the normal time...By a delivery man who makes a sprinting dive at your door to edge out the USPS.
monkeyball:  better hope they're addressed to your office … because he’ll never come close to touching home …

Nico: ... please check with your doctor before reading AN vigorously, especially if you have an erection lasting more than four hours.

MMunoz33:  Bobby Crosby is good for baseball; Patience is a virtue!!!!
asfansince1989: he's definitely been good for all the pitchers he's faced
oblique:  And for the baseball itself...Assuming that being hit by a large wooden stick is bad for a baseball.

Nico/PaulThomas tag-team edition
monkeyball: Even Crosby is a good pitcher at this level?
mikev: His 3/4 to sidearm delivery is hard to pick up.
Nico:  Watching Crosby, you'd also think that a ground ball is hard to pick up.
PaulThomas:  Yes, especially for the first baseman.

Too hard to describe edition

Cheezombie: how many unique accounts are registered?
gigglingone: only 5--There’s Blez, BBG, Paul Thomas, salb918, and all the rest are Nico
Monkeyball: qotm
oakinboston: there i go again...qotm-ing myself

PaulThomas: Why would they do that, and why do so many people think Garrett Atkins is good at baseball?
scatterbrian: I don't understand why everyone is on the Atkins diet
67MARQUEZ: Atkins is s horrible diet...Who loses his person 5-10 pounds a year

WadellCanseco: The world may have been perfect at some point.
Nico:  Yeah it was - but then the Big Bang happened. Stupid Big Bang.
DMOAS: Sorry, it was an accident, I tripped on the power cord.

MrIncognito (during a heated debate about playoffs and the merit of walks): Also, Jeremy Giambi and Miguel Tejada forgetting how to run the bases has nothing to do with walking, nor does Jermaine Dye snapping his leg in half.
JediLeroy: Technically, Dye's injury does..

sactownbull: This baseball by the numbers bull can only go so far. At some point you have to use so good old fashioned baseball sense.
Graham: Why?
JediLeroy: At some point we need to get off this "electricity" thing and go back to good old fashioned.. "not-electricity" thing

TexasAsfan: I think someone is going to be really smart and offer Penny an incentive laden deal, I hope the A’s are the first to do it. I worry that a time with deeper pockets will beat us to it though.
grover: Time has deeper pockets than us all

nevemoor:  Projected 2010 Infield based on compiling AN Posts:

1B: Barton
2B: Cardenas
SS: Cardenas
3B: Barton/Cardenas

Man we’re loaded in the infield.

  beane is not Dunn yet...and Furcal of you cust haters!
Nico:  That was Lowe, but I’m still willing Teixeira pun with you.

Creepy edition X2
JediLeroy: Speaking of weird dreams...PaulThomas was much less snarky in my dream last night than I would have expected....I have no idea why PaulThomas was in my dream. I’ve seen him once, and for about 5 minutes (at AN day).

carp: ...the sheer volume of fantasy GM ideas is a little creepy
oakinboston: [trades Bobby Crosby and Vince Mazzaro for Yunel Escobar while watching carp sleep]

Randy Fucking Wolf wants 4/40?
iglew:  That's his middle name? As if "Randy Wolf" wasn’t already evocative enough.

PaulThomas: Actually there are two I's in Teixeira
Nico:  But only one in "Texeira" ... None in "Texera" and five in "Iteixeiriai".
WaddelCanseco: Right. The Yankees got the one-I'd Texeira
andeux: in the land of Texera he'd be king

JediLeroy (who used the wrong reply button): What? I was traded?
JediLeroy: Plz ignore. Kthxbye.

notsellingjeans: I'm amazed that you neglected PT's favorite verbal weapon: "supernumerary" ... The young wordsmith is responsible for a staggering 62.5% of its AN usage (10 out of 16).
Nico:  Small sample size (A term that is both redundant and overused!)

Jeremy Belvins: I was always like this. Remember oaktoon?
Nico: Wait -- does that mean *you* are AN? Or are you just oaktoon?
Jeremy Belvins: You're too quick! But, to answer your question, I think we all have a little Oaktoon in us.
kaweahkaweah: Ah...then your Oaktoon's wife.

Blicks:  It was. I still think Cahill-Rodriguez-Mazarro-Coleman is too much for Escobar though.
WaddellCanseco: It looks like Yunel is about 25 runs better than C. Izturis on offense and a bit worse on defense (but a lot younger so that should converge). So let’s say 2 wins better overall. Are CRMC really 2 WAR?

rebus: Plus the A's have a gang of guys who can play second.
monkeyball: all of whom, if arrayed side-by-side on the field at the same time, might just barely approach Ellis's range
WaddellCanseco: But they'd look cool snapping their fingers and singing

Raiders19494: i say peace out and dont let hte door hit you on the way out.
Nico: Like Crosby would hit the door

devo:  "However, it’s his durability that concerns the Orioles most." That makes sense … I’d be worried that he’d be durable enough to play, too …

Pickup line of the Month
Jennifer: AHHH!!!! I won’t be around my computer at all today! The suspense is going to kill me!
mikev: I'll just call you with relevant info. I can call you, right?

schmifty with the McCovey Chronicles Personal Ad of the Month:
(Lincecum is) snaggletooth gross, greasy hair gross, weak chin gross, superscrawny gross, awkwardmotion gross, mullet gross, and lotsofgirlslikehimandthatsjustwrong gross.

Quoth of the Month
Nico: Reven-ewe shearing?
nevermoor: Quoth the Reven
Nico: nevermoor!

Analogy of the Month
MrIncognito: There was this big thing like 200 years ago.

It was the scientific revolution. It basically established that numbers and data should inform the way we view the world. So far, it’s done pretty well, bringing us things like the Theory of Gravity, flying machines, antibiotics, and now the internet. It works for baseball, too.

Humans are terrible at detecting patterns. If you’ve ever seen a shape in a cloud that looks like a bird or an animal you’ve experienced our bias for seeing things that aren’t there. We form hypotheses or ideas about how things work, then examine the data to see how that idea stacks up. That’s how we ought to asses our ideas. Experience informs our way of thinking, and we should give due respect to your 35 years coaching the game, but remember that people spend thousands of years believing that certain dances or rituals affected local weather patterns.

Appropriate Username of the Month
(Holliday Trade News Breaks)
what_the_crap:  OH my god …. oh my god …. oh my god …

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