How Much is a World Championship Worth?

IF I could convince you that you could buy at least one World Championship and possibly two more for $500M dollars what would you say?  Before you answer, consider that the Yankees, Mets, Angels, Cubs, Dodgers and Mariners have all spend more over the last five years without winning a single one.  Consider that the A’s have spent at least that over the last 20 years with only one title to show for it. And lastly, consider that last year the combined 30 MLB teams spent around $2.6 BILLION dollars in payroll; an average of $86M per team. 


So, for $500M would you buy a Championship with the opportunity to get two more?


Because, for less than $500M I think you could get this team for the next three seasons and afterwards you’d still have one of the league’s best pitching staffs and Teixeira to rebuild your offense around.


2009 -2011 Line Up


SS Furcal 5yrs/$75M (there’s no FA SS other than him in sight)

DH Cust 3yrs/10M

LF Holiday 1/14M (replaced by Cunningham/Buck for 10-11)

1B Teixeira 3/70M (7/165M total)

RF Ordonez (3yrs/48M), Dye (2yrs 23.5M) via trade or FAs Manny (3/70M) or Dunn (4/60M)

3B Chavez 2/22M (replace or resign A LOT CHEAPER  for ’11)

C Suzuki 3/5M

CF Sweeney 3/5M

2B Ellis 2/11M (resign or replace in ’11)


The best 2-5 combination of hitters in the league




CC 3/60M (6/130M total)

Peavy 5/78M under current contract (acquired for Gonzalez, Cahill or Anderson and whoever…I think SD would have to take that deal but since this would have to be your next move, I don’t know if Peavy would accept a trade here)

Duke 3/10M

Gallagher 3/5M

Eveland 3/5M

(with Cahill/Anderson taking the spot of the weakest link or replacing Duke if he goes)


The best 1-3 starters in the league


Now I know that you know that I know that this will never happen and I know that you think this team like all other overpriced teams aren’t guaranteed anything, but with the Holiday trade and internet talk of the A’s actually spending some green and gold this off season I thought it’d be fun to think outside the which-one-of-these-40-prospects-do-we-think-might-maybe-hopefullly-will-turn-into-an-above-average-mlb-player box.


Plus I’ve been trying to do some Christmas shopping on line and am in a buyers mood.  Now would be the perfect time to have money to spend on baseball with so many true championship quality players available. 


So, my question remains, how much is a World Title worth to you?

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