Community Rankings - A's top 30 Prospects

Before the inevitable Blanton, Street and Ellis trades, and before Baseball America releases their list, I thought it would be nice to see what all of AN what they thought our top prospect list would look like? Instead of limiting it to simply the top 10, which would produce much the same results from everyone, I thought I would expand it to the top 30.

For your list, you may include grades if you want. You may also divide the list into 2 list of 15, one for Pitchers and one for Position Players, if you believe that Pitchers and Hitters are too difficult to compare side by side.

For Reference, SBNation's own John Sickles gave us his list for the A's prospects, updated for the Nick Swisher trade.

John Sickles

  1. Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Grade B+
  1. Gio Gonzalez, LHP, Grade B+
  1. Fautino De Los Santos, RHP, Grade B+
  1. Daric Barton, 1B, Grade B+
  1. Brett Anderson, LHP, Grade B+
  1. Chris Carter, 1B, Grade B+
  1. James Simmons, RHP, Grade B
  1. Henry Alberto Rodriguez, RHP, Grade B  (big-time sleeper, great arm)
  1. Trevor Cahill, RHP, Grade B-
  1. Aaron Cunningham, OF, Grade B-
  1. Corey Brown, OF, Grade B-
  1. Andrew Bailey, RHP, Grade B- (another sleeper with an aggressive grade)
  1. Sean Doolittle, 1B, Grade B-
  1. Javier Herrera, OF, Grade C+ (great tools, but refinement??)
  1. Dan Meyer, LHP, Grade C+
  1. Greg Smith, LHP, Grade C+
  1. Sam Demel, RHP, Grade C+
  1. Andrew Carignan, RHP, Grade C+
  1. Grant Desme, OF, Grade C+
  1. Travis Banwart, RHP, Grade C+
  1. Josh Horton, SS, Grade C+
  1. Jermaine Mitchell, OF, Grade C

Grade C guys interchangeable with some above include Jeff Baisley, Graham Godfrey, Dan Hamblin, Aaron Jenkins, Brad Kilby, Vince Mazzaro, Kevin Melillo, Cliff Pennington, Landon Powell (who could be a Grade B if he could stay healthy), Jason Ray, Richie Robnett, Justin Sellers, and the enigmatic Matt Sulentic.

Where Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein gives us his, spliced together after the Swisher trade.

Kevin Goldstein
Five-Star Prospects

  1. Daric Barton, 1B
  1. Carlos Gonzalez, OF
  1. Fautino De Los Santos RHP

Four-Star Prospects

  1. Gio Gonzalez LHP
  1. Brett Anderson, LHP
  1. Trevor Cahill, RHP

Three-Star Prospects

  1. Chris Carter, 1B
  1. James Simmons, RHP
  1. Aaron Cunningham, OF
  1. Henry Rodriguez, RHP
  1. Andrew Bailey, RHP
  1. Corey Brown, OF
  1. Jermaine Mitchell, OF
  1. Javier Herrera, OF
  1. Jerry Blevins, LHP

Two-Star Prospects

  1. Josh Horton, SS
  1. Sean Doolittle, 1B
  1. Ryan Sweeney OF

So what would be AN's Top 30 Prospect list? You will have to dig a little deeper than these two. Personally, I think they left off some interesting prospects, such as Alex Arnold Leon, Craig Italiano and in Sickles case, Jeremey Blevins.

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