DLD 1/29/08 re: Giants; re: Other Stuff

re: Warriors
Webber to return

But this brief proclamation to confirm that he's returning to the team and city where he began his NBA career in 1993 -- and where he lasted only one season because of a fast-crumbling relationship with Nelson -- will be sufficiently stunning to longtime Warriors fans who believe that the breakdown of the initial Webber-Nelson partnership doomed Golden State to more than a decade of despair.

Ratto wrote an article about it, but I didn't read it.
What is my reaction you wonder?
I have two comments:

  1. The gigantic sign they used to have on Arco that said "C-Web's House" was really irritating.
  1. The Warriors could use some rebounding.

Good news for the Giants: according to a letter from Sabean they are going to be the next braves:

In recent years, you have become accustomed to us building our teams with an influx of veteran players, in many cases on a one-year basis. Moving forward, we are looking to build our teams with solid all-around players from within our system and supplementing them with high-integrity[haha], impact players who will play major roles on our club for years to come. We have seen this formula work for clubs such as the Atlanta Braves of the early-1990s -- whose strength much like the Giants was strong starting pitching -- and we all know that they went on to win an unprecedented 14 consecutive division titles.

One of those players who will make a huge impact not only on the 2008 team, but over the next five years is our new Gold Glove center fielder Aaron Rowand. As we stress pitching, speed and defense in the new era of Giants baseball, the 30-year-old All-Star embodies those three attributes while also coming off the finest offensive season of his career in 2007. Perhaps his most marketable trait to us as we look to change the culture around our team is his "all-or-nothing" attitude once he takes the field.

When Rowand takes the field, he will be roaming center field at AT&T Park behind one of the top starting rotations in the National League. This winter our assumptions that Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum are two of the top arms in the game today were confirmed by all of the teams which wanted to acquire them. While off-season acquisitions often make headlines, I think our best moves have been the ones we did not make. In holding onto Cain and Lincecum, they combine with Barry Zito and Noah Lowry to be the foundation for a very strong rotation for years to come.

re: A's
The official site has some sort of audio dealie with Greg Smith. Watch it if you like. The invitation I keep getting to download the "New MLB Media Player" is one of the more frightening proposals to have come my way recently.

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