Moneyball: A never ending cycle doomed for disaster

(Note to readers: This is articles contains some Beane bashing. If you are a Beane nut I suggest you not read the following article.)

What is Moneyball? Sure it’s a book written by Billy Beane. If you could define it, you would say that is a method of developing players through ones farm system, letting them play out their contracts, and then trading them when their skill level is high enough for them to request a contract that the team can no longer afford. Am I right?

Most fans (pending on the fan) usually love the game for the players. Everyone has their favorite player growing up and everyone has heard of a few such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Willy Mays, etc. Well for A’s fans that is just a dream.

The reality is the A’s are too poor to afford the players that fans get attached to. Leaving fans like myself and many of you, rather depressed. However I’ve noticed here on AN that most of you don’t get attached to the players because of this. And how can you? They come and go like there is no tomorrow. So who do you root for? The Mark Cuban of Major League Baseball, Billy Beane.

Why do you root for Beane? He’s the only example of stability in the entire Oakland Athletics organization. How could you not root for him? He’s the only guy that you can guarantee will be there by the end of the season. And for good reason, look at what he’s done with the A’s. He’s given average players and turns the team into contenders. When the players on that team are to pricy for the organization to afford he trades them. And the cycle repeats over and over again, leaving some average seasons, some miserable seasons, and occasionally a division championship.

But what is the curse you ask? Well think of it this way. Your son’s favorite player is Jason Kendall. So you decide to buy tickets to a game in August. By the time August rolls around, your sons favorite player isn’t there and you go to the game to see Kurt Suzuki behind the plate, someone that you never even heard of. You’re obviously not going to want to spend the money to see you favorite players ever again, because who knows when they’ll be there when you go to a ball game.

So there goes another ticket holder, soon enough this happens to a large portion of the Oakland A’s fans and the A’s are struggling to fund a successful baseball team. The only way to counter the lack of funds is to adopt the Billy Beane method of moneyball.

And so year after year moneyball takes his course and the A’s are still below league average in attendance and money. And who’d really want to see a game in Oakland at the McAfee Coliseum? The only thing that would make you want to go is not the city or the ballpark, it’s the players. The players, the one thing that draws you to a game, may not even be there! And if there not there, why bother go to the game in the first place?

This my friends is the reason the A’s are poor and will always be poor. It is the curse of moneyball that they will never draw large numbers of fans into the ballpark. When does this cycle of chaos end? When the moneyball philosophy is dropped and the only way to do that is to rid of the General Manager, Billy Beane.

In a sort, it’s the perfect scam. Beane gets the fans all hyped up with occasional success with a team that everyone loves that they buy tickets for, and then ditches them. But why does he care, it’s a business. He only cares about one thing, not the A’s success, not the fans that come, his $$$$$$. And as long as he continues moneyball, you will fall into the same trap constantly and Beane will just keeping getting richer.

Deny it if you want, but this logic has truth to it. I must say though that the new ballpark will probably end this cycle of moneyball. At the earliest it will open in 2011, but by then your son who wanted to see his favorite player four years ago will be older now and may no longer want to go to a ballgame with his old man.

(I’m not saying it’s true, I’m saying it’s a possibility that it may be true. I certainly hope not though. However, I will not post any additional comments on this diary. I have better things to do than bicker with brainwashed Beane apologists. I’ve expressed myself and like bringbackmiggy and Robb I have said what needed to be said.)

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