D.L.D. :)

WOO HOO!!!! FINALLY!!! :) Hopefully someone doesn't post a DLD before I post mine. I think I'd cry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today is August 4, 2007.

In a day of milestones, Tom Seaver of the Chicago White Sox becomes the 17th pitcher to win 300th career games and Rod Carew of the California Angels becomes the 16th player ever to collect 3000 career hits. Seaver pitches the White Sox to a 4–1 six-hit victory on Phil Rizzuto Day at Yankee Stadium as 54,032 New Yorkers cheer him on, while Carew bloops a single to left off Frank Viola in the 3rd inning of the Angels 6–5 win over the Twins. It marks the only day in which two men reach these two milestones on the same day. Phil Rizzuto was knocked down by 'Huckleberry' the "Holy Cow" during the pregame salute.


Happy Birthday to Dylan and Cole Sprouse!!

Oh, happy birthday to some guys named Jeff Gordon, Roger Clemens, Barack Obama and Billy Bob Thornton.

We'll start with some A's headlines.

A's steal Guerrero's thunder for a night
SF Chronicle

Vladimir Guerrero and his rejuvenated bat nearly sent the A's tumbling to another defeat Friday night - and then he helped propel them to victory with a wayward throw.

Guerrero crushed two home runs, just as he did a night earlier, but the A's happily turned this power display into a footnote. They rallied for five runs in the eighth inning, aided by a Guerrero throwing error, to earn an 8-4 victory over the Angels before 21,552 spectators at the Coliseum.

But, unfortunately, as I screamed in anger, remembering what happened the last time this happened, our very own Kurt Suzuki was a victim of the Angels pitching staff.

The win came at a cost: Catcher Kurt Suzuki was hit by a Scot Shields pitch during the decisive rally and will have X-rays on his right hand today. Manager Bob Geren had an animated conversation with plate umpire Ed Rapuano while Suzuki tried to shake off the pain - clearly remembering Bobby Crosby's broken hand on an inside pitch against the Angels on July 24 - but Geren later said he did not think Shields intentionally hit Suzuki.

EEK!!! That's all we need. Another injury. Number 20? Hopefully NOT.

Big inning proves difference in A's win
A's Official Website

Speaking of injuries...

Left side of the infield left without Chavez

The A's finally surrendered to Eric Chavez's back spasms Friday and placed the third baseman on the 15-day disabled list. The move is retroactive to July 27 -- Chavez already had missed the team's previous seven games -- so he will be eligible to return one week from today.

It seemed curious for the A's to wait so long to put Chavez on the DL, but manager Bob Geren said the club hoped he would recover sooner rather than later. By Friday, it became abundantly clear Chavez's back was not improving, so the A's summoned infielder J.J. Furmaniak from Triple-A Sacramento.

I bet everyone is happy that Furmaniak came up :)

In other news, this lady just had her 17th kid.

An Arkansas family has just expanded to 17 children.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar welcomed their seventh daughter into the world Thursday.

Jennifer Danielle weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

Thirty minutes later, the Duggars were talking about having number eighteen.

All the children's names start with the letter J. They're home-schooled and range in age from 19 right down to the newborn.

I'm not even going to say anything. That's just a nightmare.

Vets set to put down seven-legged lamb

lamb with seven legs was born in New Zealand but so badly deformed that it was to be destroyed, a local newspaper reported.

The lamb was born with an extra set of front legs and three back legs, the Ashburton Guardian newspaper, at Ashburton on the South Island, reported.

Farmer Dave Callaghan found the lamb in his field. Two of its legs hung useless behind the forelegs. The lamb walked using its two forelegs and three healthy hind legs.

Poor lamb :(

Living, breathing Harry Potter weathers storm

Sometimes it’s a hassle being Harry Potter.

Especially when you’re a 78-year-old man who happens to share the name of a certain fictional boy wizard who is famous the world over.

Each time a new Harry Potter book or movie comes out, Bradenton resident Harry Potter starts getting phone calls from children, interview requests from the TV networks and autograph requests.

"The kids want to know if I’m Harry Potter," he said with a chuckle. "I tell them I’ve been Harry Potter for darn near 80 years!"

THAT IS SO COOL. HIS NAME IS HARRY POTTER. I bet it's a pain in the butt, man :)

And guess what???



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