DLD. August Fourteenth. Yeahhhh :)


Today is the 226th day of the year. Happy birthday to...

Cupid Childs, Paul "Daffy" Dean, some guy named Steve Martin, hot stuff Halle Berry, baseball player Juan Pierre, soccer player Jared Borgetti, and this other dude named Magic Johnson.

In the United States, today is National Creamsicle Day. Forget the diet. Have a Creamsicle :)

Yankees' Rizzuto Dies at 89

Rizzuto, known as "The Scooter," was the oldest living Hall of Famer. He played for the Yankees throughout the 1940s and '50s, won seven World Series titles and played in five All-Star games.

"Phil was a gem, one of the greatest people I ever knew. A dear friend and great teammate," said Hall of Famer Yogi Berra, who frequently visited Rizzuto in his later years.

"He was a heck of a player, too. When I first came up to the Yankees, he was like a big actually, small brother to me. He's meant an awful lot to baseball and the Yankees and has left us with a lot of wonderful memories," he said.

At 5-foot-6, Rizzuto was a flashy player who could always be counted on for a perfect bunt, a nice slide or a diving catch in a lineup better known for its cornerstone sluggers. He played 13 seasons alongside the likes of Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle in a career interrupted by Navy service in World War II.

Man gets mad at ex, castrates cat

EUGENE, Ore. - A man who was frustrated with his ex-girlfriend took his anger out on her cat by castrating it with a box cutter, Eugene police said. erry Caswell, 31, was arrested and charged with multiple counts stemming from the incident.

Caswell was angry at his ex-girlfriend for not coming to his house Friday night. So Caswell drugged her cat "Romeo" with human medication and then castrated it with a box cutter.

Man Tries to Take Crocs, Snakes on Plane

CAIRO, Egypt - It was very nearly a real-life version of "Snakes on a Plane." A man was stopped at Cairo's airport just moments before he boarded a Saudi Arabia-bound plane with carry-on bags filled with live snakes, as well as a few baby crocodiles and chameleons.

Security officials became suspicious of the 22-year-old Saudi man's bags when the X-ray machine at the departure gate gave odd readings. Police said they opened the bags and found a large number of reptiles, including at least one cobra, squirming to escape.

Hey. The 49ers lost.

Teacher Resigns After Porn Star Date.

Woman Finds Skull in Auction Purchase

Travis Buck is a hot-ass psycho.

Meyer wants to prove the wait was worth it

Regarding the Tim Hudson trade, Dan Meyer has something to say.

"I'm still left," he said.

Who can blame Meyer for feeling a little pride for being recalled from Triple-A Sacramento on Monday? Not only did he outlast Juan Cruz and Charles Thomas - the other players acquired in the December 2004 trade that sent Hudson to Atlanta - but he overcame shoulder surgery, rehabbed the entire offseason and posted the third-lowest ERA in the Pacific Coast League.

I don't know about you, but the italics bug the crap outta me.

Anyway, dump. :)

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