24 hours in Seattle

This is my first post, so please be gentle.  I've been and avid reader of AN, but never quite got up the nerve to write.  Perhaps it's because everyone is so well spoken (or should I say written) that I was just a little intimidated. Anyway, here goes;

Early in the year, my roommate (Chris) received a phone call from her niece (Karen) in Oregon.  Karen's boyfriend had never seen a major league baseball game, and she wanted to know if we would be interested in meeting them in Seattle to go to a game.  We had already planned our yearly road trip for Houston, but decided two road trips in one year wouldn't kill us.  We purchase the tickets (game and plane) and make arrangements to stay with a friend in Seattle.  About a month ago Karen calls to tell us that she has broken up with the boyfriend . . . but she still wants to go to the game.  She is planning to bring one of her girlfriends instead.  Plans change again, the week before the game; she will bring the ex-boyfriend after all.  (We found out later that she needs his help to move her into a new apartment . . after that, she's cutting him loose!)

Saturday, July 28th - We depart Oakland at 9:05am, arriving in Seattle at 11:00am.  Ann is there to pick us up and we head straight for Safeco.  Karen and the ex drive the four hours from Oregon and are shopping at the local mall when we call them.  We will meet them at the park.  Waiting outside the park, a guy selling programs is shouting "Ramirez vs. Gowdin . . get your programs here"  I politely inform him that it should be pronounced "Go Dan".  After 15 minutes of guiding Karen to the centerfield entrance via cell phone, our whole group enters the park.

We were in Seattle two years ago on the final weekend of the year, so we don't need to do the whole "walk around the park" routine to check everything out. All we really needed to do was get some food and drink and find our seats.  

The weather was beautiful, and the view from Section 342 wasn't that bad.  We had a few college boys that were trying to hassle us for wearing our colors, but it was all in good fun.  A bases loaded double by Murphy was pretty much all we had to cheer about, and thankfully I wasn't even at my seat when Seattle hit their go ahead HR.  At least Chad didn't walk 6 this time.

After the game, we tried to hit some of the sites for the Oregonians.  The Space Needle was out of their budget, but we walked around the area anyway.  We ate dinner at The Spagetti Factory.  The highlight of the dinner was the waitress dumping a whole glass of ice tea on Chris's lap.  It was pretty funny.

After dinner, we went our separate ways . . Karen and the ex went to their hotel, and we went back to Ann's house.  

Sunday July 29th - Since the security line in Seattle on Sunday morning was short, Chris was actually able to get a coffee before getting on the plane.  She took her usual seat at the window, and I sat in the middle seat on the sold out flight.  As on our flight from Oakland, I expected the largest man on the plane to pick the open aisle seat next to me.  Much to my delight, a slender young brunette stopped and asked if the seat was taken.

As our 24 hour stop in Seattle came to a close, I pulled out the new issue of ESPN the Magazine to read the fantasy football article.    Much to my delight, there was an article on our very own All-Star, Dan Haren.  The article was short, but it was nice to see Dan getting the much deserved "pub".  I even read the first few paragraphs out loud to Chris (it was about Barry Zito watching the all star game and then texting Dan "I'm proud of you" after he finished his two innings)

As we landed in Oakland, the young lady who had taken the aisle seat next to me picked up her cell phone to make a call.  She apologized to someone for not getting their message yesterday, and told them she had just landed.  She then proceeded to tell them that she had to pick up the car at Kaiser, but would need to come back later to pick up Danny.  Knowing that the A's fly out of Kaiser Air (and many of the players park their cars there), I silently wondered if I had just flown home with Mrs. Haren.  Her next call informed someone that she would be picking up her dog Bernie.  Yes, it was Mrs. Haren.

How ironic is it that I was reading an article about her husband (out loud at one point) while she was sitting right next to me.

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