want my A's memorabilia, baseball cards, or autographed footballs?

Hi everyone,

I'm getting ready to move and I'm cleaning out some old stuff. I have some old baseball memorabilia (most of it from the A's) and a lot of baseball cards. Most everything is from the late 80s and early 90s. I would love to see it go to A's fans!

I also have three autographed footballs from the San Francisco 49ers glory years.

I'd be happy to give a few things away for free as long as people are willing to pay for the shipping. However, some of the collection wasn't free when I bought it (especially the footballs!) and a lot of it isn't worthless, so hopefully you'll understand that I'd like to get a little money for things. I want to stress that I'm not trying to make a profit off of anyone here -- just offer me what you'd be willing to pay, and that'll probably be fine.

If you're interested, please e-mail me at wildman[at] I'll describe the memorabilia and the footballs in the "extended" portion of this diary, and I'll e-mail you an inventory of the baseball cards as soon as you express your interest. I live in Southern California. If you're nearby and would like to swing by Pasadena to see things for yourself, I'd be happy to meet you.

Contact me soon -- I move Tuesday!

Ok, here's the baseball memorabilia:

+ A's logo souvenir ball autographed by Ray Fosse (collected outside the broadcast booth at an A's game in the mid 1990s)
+ official American League ball autographed by Juan Gonzalez and Ivan Rodriguez (collected during spring training 1994 in Port Charlotte, Florida)
+ Toronto 1991 All-Star Game souvenir ball
+ National Baseball Hall of Fame souvenir ball
+ an official ball of the National League

+ souvenir pin commemorating the 1933 white elephant mascot
+ two fabric A's wallets that were given away as a promotion at a game (from 1988, I think, with the old A's logo and the old Union 76 logo -- the gasoline company, which sponsored the giveaway -- on the back)
+ a set of four "A's brand" wine charms given away as a promotion at a 2005 game

+ 1990 California Angels souvenir bat (18 inches long)
+ Boston Red Sox flag from about 1995 (12 inches by 18 inches, on a 24 inch flagpole)

There are three separate autographed footballs with one signature each. They are signed by Steve Young, Brent Jones, and Jerry Rice. Each is in it's own display case, which I'll send along with the football.

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