Let’s Keep Bashing A’s

I haven’t read of any Chavez-on-a-bus-speeches taking place, so I’m assuming that our current win streak (yes, for us, two games is a streak) is due to all the negativity that’s been coming from AN.  We’ve actually been sounding like Mariner fans from years past...granted, for good reason.  So, let’s all just keep bashing the A’s and see if this run at the right time can continue to make us buyers and not cellar dwellers.

Our Line Up
How is our best line up (for offensive and trade purposes) not DJ at 1B, Swisher in CF or Swisher at 1B, Buck in CF and Cust in RF?  What’s late inning defensive replacement Kotsay doing in the line up?

Last Night’s "Win"
Oh, oh, and how is it Mark Ellis is swinging away in a one run game with a runner on first and no outs in the top of the 9th?  Why is Kotsay batting in the 9th when you’ve got Jack Cust on the bench?  And what kind of veteran gets doubled up on an obvious line out to LF?  It’s simply amazing we won last night.  A’s suck!

Bobby I Hurt Myself Crosby
First, I have no idea how a guy who is so far off the plate can get hit in the hand.  Second, does this breakable fool not know that you can basically go to bat in an armor suit in today’s game?  And lastly, if he’s not going to be doing anything for the next 15 days, can the A’s please send him to a professional hitting instructor’s house for two weeks to learn how to hit at a major league level?  What’s the point in having a guy who needs to learn so much ride pine?

Could’ve, Should’ve, Won’t Recent Rumor to Piss Me Off
CC Sabathia is rumored to be looking to come West, which means he’ll most likely be joining Zito instead of forming a new big three (Haren, Sabathia and Harden would get us a title) in Oakland.

Trade that We Aren’t Even Going to Consider
Injured Tejada (still hoping for a return to Oakland) for injured Crosby, DJ and Meyer.  The O’s want to lose some money and go younger, we’ve got two major league ready (at least as far as the O’s are concerned) guys in positions they need and a possible major league pitcher in exchange for a guy they’ve been shopping for the last two or three years.  And since we CAN throw money away on guys like Piazza, Kendall, Kotsay and Loaiza.

Okay, that should be good for wins today and tomorrow.  I expect the rest of you to do your part now.  I’ve got post season rights this year damn it!

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