2008 A New Hope

Before I start, I just wanted to mention that a little 20-game win streak would put us 14 games over five hundred and 11 of those 20 games would be against the Angels and Mariners.  I’m just, you know, smoking something!

Anyways, since none of the players I want to trade for or buy are ever going to come to the A’s (though I do see the Fremont A’s signing a 42 years Albert Pujols in the very distant future), I was thinking about the current team we have and how they could make it work next season with a little old thing we call...hope.

So here’s my Top Ten Hopes for 2008:

  1. Bobby Crosby has an Eric Byrnes/Carlos Pena type year for US next season.  You know what I mean, guys that weren’t that great with us, but then got traded and went on to have one or two seasons we could only wish they’d had in the green and gold.
  1.  Larry Davis is shown the door.  This would have been my number one hope, but the A’s offense is so bad, I’d rather take another year of 100 injuries in exchange for a career year from any of our could-should-would have been offensive stars.
  1. Eric Chavez, just a couple of years late, finally fills the Tejada shadow.  Sure, Miggy did it right after Balco, er, Jason left, but Eric’s younger so it took him a few more seasons.
  1. Travis Buck has a 2006 Nick Swisher season, not a 2007 Nick Swisher season.  So much for my rather strong pre-season belief Nick’s third year was going to be like Canseco’s MVP third year!
  1. Nick Swisher has an MVP type season and not a whatever the hell you call this season.  Oh, and Nick, stop making friends with good hitters on the team...everytime you do they leave/get traded!  Make Kotsay or Kennedy you’re new homerun buddy.
  1. Jack Cust does what he’s done this season over the course of all of next season.  You know, walk, strike out, hit a bomb, and then strike out looking. And still be considered the biggest offensive threat on our team.
  1. When any athletic leads off an inning with a double, the next guy automatically bunts him over.  Not that we lead off with a lot of doubles or do so well with RISP, but this isn’t a line up that puts up crooked numbers so let’s just take what we can get and leave it up to the pitching.
  1. Barton has a McGwire/Canseco type ROY season and not a Walt Weiss type.
  1. Rich Harden pitches like everyone thinks he can for a whole season.  Perhaps this was covered under hope number 2, but it’s important enough to be mentioned twice.  Would have been mentioned sooner had the offense not needed all my hopes and, kick me for saying this, how many times can one guy possibly get hurt?
  1. The last one I save for me, an A’s fan.  May I get to watch this team win it all in Oakland, where I can still afford the price of admission and where I’m not surrounded by groups of business men talking business instead of baseball like the Barriods across the bay.  Beautiful park and ugly ball players.

So AN, what’s you’re hopes for 2008?  

FYI: Two of my Hopes for 2007 have now been met with our new Jasonless/Kieltyless A's team

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