DLD 063007: The birthday Chronicle

This is the first time in like five years that the A's haven't played a home game on my birthday.  So I'm here at home with my wife and kids.  What a ripoff!

It's also the birthday of Lena Horne and Mike Tyson.  And, as I recall, BobbyCrosbysGirl GreenandGoldGirl, who is at Yankee Stadium making googly eyes at a Giants fan for her birthday today, lucky duck poor gal.

No time for meaningful link searches, so here are two easy ones:

Slusser's Chronicle game story:

* Harden played catch during BP yesterday and "decided his arm didn't feel well enough to work Friday night."  He thinks he'll feel OK today.  "This is not a setback," he says.

* The Buck move is the A's 16th DLing of the year.  Sacramento has made over 100 transactions already this year.

* Swisher on crashing into the tarp last night:  "I don't know what I was thinking."

* "Snelling was recently given the option on a seventh surgery on his left knee but he wanted to try to rehabilitate it, instead. That has not worked, so it is likely that he will have arthroscopic surgery. "

Slusser's Chronicle sidebar says Street is doing much better.  Here's the account of the Davisless rehab which appears to be healing him:

He spent 18 days in Toronto getting treatment -- and boy, did Huston Street get treatment.

The A's closer, who has missed six weeks with an irritated ulnar nerve, did 1 1/2 hours a day in a hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy, a half hour a day of injection (needle) therapy, along with laser therapy and homeopathic treatment. He also received chiropractic and massage treatments and worked out extensively, including track workouts. (A bonus: The treatments also helped Street overcome his dislike of small enclosed spaces and needles.)

Street was referred to the Institute of Sports Medicine in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke by his longtime strength coach, Lance Hooten.

All that intense attention has Street throwing without any trouble for the first time since May. He's throwing long toss at 120 feet, and, Street said, "You just know when you feel normal. ... When I first felt (the injury), it was like I'd been shot with a shotgun in the elbow. It was like I got hit in the funny bone every time I threw a pitch. Then it was like a tingle and a buzz, and I could feel it even when I put shampoo in my hair.

"It feels fine now. Just normal.''

That's terrific news for the A's, who are also without set-up men Justin Duchscherer and Kiko Calero. Street will build up his arm strength slowly, which means he could be throwing off the mound near the All-Star break; Duchscherer (hip) will throw a bullpen session today and could be on a rehab assignment next week; and Calero began playing catch Friday after resting his shoulder for five days.

And a final note on the Bradley trade:

"Oakland sent $1.36 million to the Padres to cover more than half of the remaining $2.05 million on Bradley's 2007 deal.

The Padres did not require a physical exam for the oft-injured Bradley. An oblique strain that the A's had no knowledge of scuttled a trade with Kansas City last week. Bradley apparently will be starting for San Diego on Sunday."

And this looks pretty:

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