free A's memorabilia

Hi everyone!

I'm getting ready to move and I'm cleaning out some old stuff. I have some A's memorabilia that I'm happy to give away to an A's fan. Just write me an e-mail, be willing to pay the shipping, and it's yours! I can put it in a box and have it in the mail tomorrow, if you like. You can e-mail me at wildman[at] I'll describe the stuff in detail in the "extended" portion of this diary.

Also, I have a rather large baseball card collection from the late 1980s and early 1990s that I'd like to move. There is some focus on the A's (a team set or two) and the rookies of that time (stars like Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey, Jr.; prospects like Todd Van Poppel). There are a few unopened boxes that are still in their plastic wrap and several lovingly assembled binders of cards I collected when I was a kid. Please send me an e-mail if you're interested in these baseball cards and I'll describe them to you in more detail. I'd love to find them a good home, yet I don't want to go to the trouble of selling them on eBay. Also, I'd love to give them to an A's fan!

I live in Southern California. If you're nearby and would like to swing by Pasadena to see the cards for yourself, I'd be happy to meet you.

Thanks everyone! Go A's!

Here's the description of the memorabilia that I'd like to give away:

I have six "A's photoballs" from (I think) 1993. These are baseballs with an A's logo and a black-and-white mugshot of an A's player on them. I have Terry Steinbach, Mark McGwire, 3 Dennis Eckersley, and Ruben Sierra (of all people!). All are still in their plastic wrappers except for the McGwire one, which is a little damaged as a result.

I have one autographed A's baseball. This was part of a promotion from an A's game -- these are not real autographs. This ball is one of several thousand given out for free. I think this is from 1989. It has names such as Dave Parker, Ron Hassey, Mike Moore, Greg Cadaret, Glen Hubbard in additional to the stars we all remember from that time -- McGwire, Canseco, Dave Henderson, Lansford.

I have five random pins that were given out as promotions at games in the early 1990s. They commemorate:

+ the 1973 world series championship
+ the A's hat
+ the 1910 uniform
+ may dad being a 1991 season ticket holder
+ major league baseball

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