I am 25 years old and I have hypertension...

My blood pressure is 149/92.

Yikes, and I'm only 25.

Granted, I just came back from Grand Opening of the Hooters in Fremont and devoured a lot of wings and french fries but my blood pressure should not be anywhere near where it is now.  In fact, I only became aware of this problem after I went to the doctors because I was suffering from whiplash due to a recent auto accident.  My doctor thinks that my blood pressure is high from the stress of the pain and things should get better as I feel better.

I'm not taking any chances and I'm not waiting for the doctors to tell me I have a problem.  I've been going to the gym again, I made a Chinese New Year's Resolution (didn't make a Regular New Year's Resolution, the gyms would be too packed in January), but now there is a sense of urgency and I'm doing at least an hour of cardio at least three times a week.  In fact, cardio is the only thing I can do since my back and neck is still a little bit messed up.  Starting next week, I'll be a workweek vegetarian, I will not consume meat between showing up for work on Monday and leaving work on Friday.  I might even go on a 48 hour juice fast before the All Star Break.

So what does this have to do with the A's?  I'll tell you why after the flip.

Of course there are other possibilities as to why my blood pressure is so high at 25.  Yes, I am overweight, and yes, I often go on six or less hours of sleep, and yes, I have a family history of this stuff and, yes despite eliminating a lot of junk out of my diet, it's still not good enough.  How's that for a run on sentence?

But I also believe that there are two and a half other possibilities on how I can get like this and I believe that the Oakland Athletics are one of those two and a half reasons.  I can change my lifestyle, and I will, but when it comes to the A's and the one and a half other things, I don't know.  I don't want to change those things.

I live for these A's.  I cheer home team vociferously (except for Crosby, his AVG is getting better but I'd like to see more walks) and when the Angels/Yankees/Red Sox/Giants are in town I boo them with just as much vigor.  In fact, this is one of my favorite times of the year, the beginning of the baseball season is like the first day of school.  It's fun all the way until May, that's when A's just suck hard and I most definitely know that May has to be bad for my cardiovascular health.

Still, it seems that I live or die on every pitch of every game.  Playing a lot of close games sure doesn't help.  I know, "it's only a game" and I do treat it as such, when the A's lose I remain sullen only until I reach my truck or cross the BART bridge.  On the other hand, I'm also pretty sure AN knows how exuberant I get when the A's win.  Of course, bad news always sucks.

Long story short, is my fanaticism for this team affecting my health in a negative way?  I sure hope not, because I am pretty sure that being a baseball fan in general and an A's fan in particular is not a bad habit that needs to be kicked, like smoking.  But just to be safe, for the sake of my health, I do have one request for the boys in Green and Gold; Please be boringly good for the next stretch.  No one run games, extra innings or bullpens making things interesting, just boring wins; exactly like that really cold game against the Angels.  Please do this for the sake of the health of A's fans everywhere.  I know May is coming up so maybe I should just wish the A's just won't suck too bad this year.

I'm going to work diligently on improving my health.  I can't give up the A's and I can't give up the other thing and that half reason will be a really hard nut to crack.

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