A little optimism OR what to do with Crosby, Milton, and Harden

Despite the most dramatic win in a long time people are still pessimistic about three things: our fragile CF, SS, and SP.

Let’s deal with the non-health (aka easiest) issue first. Everyone is justifying believing in Scutaro because they were looking at his process rather than his results.  He was hitting line drives ball over the place; it was only a matter of time before they fell.  I think Croz's process has been better than I've seen since June '05.  He has been attempting and hitting the ball much more to the opposite field than in previous years.  

So, I looked for some proof: Crosby’s hitting chart (click all) for the year.   9 of his 15 hits and outs at the Coliseum were to the opposite field.  If you manipulate th hitting chart page, you see 4 of Crosby's 7 hits and outs at Safeco were to right. Those stats are a much higher percentage to right field  than his previous years’ hitting charts(at least at my first glance).  If Croz really is trying to hit to opposite field, he may be going through an adjustment period where process was/is not leading to results.    

Of course, this is an absurdly small sample size but so is criticism of Croz based on his performance this season (namely his fielding, which has never been an issue in the past; and, hey, just look at Jeter so far).  And if you want to be pessimistic, maybe BoCro is just behind on everything.  But perhaps we are seeing Bobby starting to adjust.  

Now on to health: from this article  and from this article


"It was more a precautionary [decision] than anything," Geren said. "When he felt the tightness, we felt it was the right move to take him out. We'll see how he feels tomorrow."

...and the already much quoted...

"It's nothing serious," Harden said. "I definitely felt it, but I'm not real concerned."


"We're shooting for Tuesday," A's manager Bob Geren said. "I talked with him [on Saturday], and he said he just a day or two away from coming back."

I just am seeing way to much negativity for a team that just hit a walkoff homerun against Mariano f'n Rivera.  Though even in a optimistic diary our offense still sucks.

On an endnote: who’s the A’s highest OPS player?  I’ll give you a hint: he’s got the highest slugging and the least GIDP on the team and yet Geren doesn’t pinch hit him for lefthanded Kielty!   Free Melhuse now!

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