Link Dump 3/7: The real 3/7 DLD

You may have noticed that a certain DLD had the wrong date.  Still, not bad for.../for a first-timer/.

People, welcome to the real 3/7 DLD, which will feature the following links:

Piazza hit by pitch, diagnosed with bruise:

So it was an uneasy feeling in training camp when Piazza was drilled in the left elbow in the third inning Tuesday of a 3-2 loss to the Kansas City Royals. He began walking to first base but didn't make it; he was taken straight to the trainer's room and initially diagnosed with a bruise.

"This is frustrating. This is a setback," said Piazza, who hit safely in four of his first nine at-bats, including a second-inning double Tuesday. "You're on a certain pace, and you'd like to stay on pace. Injuries are a big inconvenience."

Poor Lou Merloni was plunked in the head as well, but he only got a throwaway line:

No. 7 came in the 10th inning. Lou Merloni, 35, a journeyman who signed a minor-league deal in January, took a pitch off his helmet and quickly was escorted from Phoenix Municipal Stadium to see a doctor. That pitch was thrown by non-roster pitcher Matt Wright, who brushed back Hiram Bocachica on the next pitch.

Baseball Analysts has a look at recent Rule 5 picks.  It turns out about a third of players chosen stick with their new teams.

Test  your fantasy chops against experts in THT's fantasy league.  Word of warning - I am not in this league, so there's no guarantee that you won't finish last.  For thos of you who played with me last year, you'll know I cornered the market on catchers...and nothing else.

Speaking of THT, they have a 2007 Preseason guide out:

Let me give you the specifics upfront: The THT 2007 Season Preview is 184 pages long. We think it's somewhere in between a typical fantasy baseball magazine and an in-depth book like Baseball Forecaster or Baseball Prospectus. It contains three-year statistical projections for virtually all major leaguers and many minor leaguers, as well as reviews of every major league team and several general articles. When you purchase the book, you'll also have access to a spreadsheet that contains all of the player projections.

I'm not biased or anything, but I heard the A's chapter is good.  And that the author of that chapter is very handsome and muscular and tall and has no problem with the ladies.  The book costs $9 as a pdf download, which is the deal of the century as far as I'm concerned.

LoneStarBall hates on the Geico Cavemen.  I don't understand the hate.  I love the Geico Cavemen.  They're the best fish-out-of-water themed commericials since Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.

Javier Vazquez received a 3 year, $34 MM extension from the White Sox.  I'm guessing this spells the end of Mark Buehrle's days in Chicago.

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