DLD 3/31-4/1: killfile and the three bears

Hi folks, the Apricot bunch was planning to go to the Rivercats-A's showdown on Thursday and report all about it with pictures and delightful commentary. Oh, it was going to be grand.

We had tickets for Home Run Hill and then we were going to take a rainbow ride home across a sparkly rainbow. But instead Hopey got sick, so we missed the game entirely. Dagnabit. So instead you get this little geek fable.

Once upon a time was a script called killfile.user which allowed users of Firefox browser to selectively block the posts of annoying AN users. One day AN changed the layout of the site and killfile stopped working.  Well, the poppa bear said, "This sucks!" and e-mailed Daniel Martin, the bright and responsive author of killfile.user and asked for help.  Within the day, Daniel had fixed the script. But the momma bear had trouble downloading the script from the original site, so the baby bear hosted the new version at a temporary mirror and said, to use this neat script, you need to install Firefox, Greasemonkey, and then go the temporary mirror above, which will make Firefox install the script (you may need to unblock the popup). Then restart Firefox and look for the "kill/hide comment" links next to every commenting user. This script should work across the SB Nation. And they lived happily ever after until the next layout upgrade to AN.

A's, Giants in the zone / Strikeout pitchers Harden, Cain look ready in exhibition at AT&T Park
Although it was an exhibition game, Friday night's A's-Giants matchup at AT&T Park did have some inherent luster. Each team started its young, strikeout-collecting right-hander: Oakland's Rich Harden and San Francisco's Matt Cain.

A's sign infielder Todd Walker
With first baseman Dan Johnson out indefinitely because of a torn labrum in his hip, the A's wasted little time in adding an infielder to their roster. On Friday, Oakland signed 11-year major-league veteran Todd Walker to a minor-league deal.

A's are hurting as opener nears
Shortly after the A's arrived Thursday for their annual exhibition game with their Triple-A cousins, the Sacramento River Cats, manager Bob Geren gave an optimistic assessment of his team. "If we have our guys out there consistently, we're going to be fine, especially with Bunnies' fine shiny ass."

This is getting depressing, so instead watch two otters take a nap holding hands.

ps. The new diary/comment editing with the auto-link insertion is nice, but if I'm not allowed to use "alt" and "title" in an image link, then don't make it an option in the submission form!

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