gotgreen's spring training trip photo recap!

If you're a big baseball fan and you've never been to spring training before, stop what you're doing and book plane tickets to Arizona NOW! Being at a spring training game is truly is a great experience because the atmosphere is so relaxed and you get to meet so many other baseball fans from around the country!

Anyway, here is a photo recap of my trip! :)

Tuesday Night 3/20

  • While waiting to board our Southwest flight at the Oakland Airport, we spotted Ray Fosse waiting in line to board our plane also! I was really hoping Fosse would sit by us so that I could talk some A's baseball with him but he sat a few rows behind us. =P Here I was trying to sneak a flash-less picture of Fosse as we were getting off the plane in Phoenix! Haha.

  • After some drama with our rental car at the Phoenix Airport (NEVER RENT A CAR FROM THRIFTY!), we arrived at our home for the next few days!

Wednesday 3/21

  • The A's vs. Royals game in Surprise was an evening game so we decided to go to Tempe to watch the Angels vs. Rockies game in the afternoon.

  • Here's a big cactus in front of the Whataburger fast food joint on our way to Tempe Diablo Stadium.

  • Tempe Diablo Stadium, spring home of the Angels! I loved how the outside of the stadium looked!

  • Angels vs. Diamondbacks!

  • We only stayed at the Angels/ Dbacks game for a few innings because we were heading to Surprise to watch the A's vs. Royals game at Surprise Stadium! I thought that Surprise Stadium looked VERY similiar to the Rivercats stadium in Sacramento.

  • We got to Surprise Stadium about twenty minutes before the game started so we caught the end of the A's stretching and warming up.

  • I was able to call Dan Johnson over to sign my cap before he headed into the dugout!

  • Oh man, it sure was good to see this guy back on the field!

  • And it was very nice to see the guy next to Crosby in the green and gold now!

  • Chavez watching Piazza bat.

  • Swisher hit a homerun!

  • Ellis hit a homerun right after Swish! Back-to-back!

  • And then DJ hit a homerun after Ellis! Back-to-back-to-back!

  • Daric Barton running home to score a run!

  • A's win! Coaches & Manager are happy!

Thursday 3/22

  • We spent all of Thursday on a tour of the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Here are some of the pictures from our tour.

Friday 3/23

  • We were ready to get into Phoenix Muni as soon as the gates opened to catch batting practice before the A's vs. Padres game.

  • Unfortunately, due to the rain the night before and earlier that morning, there WAS no batting practice! :( BUT ... we were able to get a couple of pictures of pitchers including Huston!

  • Huston said he wasn't feeling well that day but he was going to be pitching in the game.

  • Blanton also did the same interview as Huston!

  • Peter Gammons was at Phoenix Muni before the game too!

  • Game time! Go away, rain clouds!!

  • Crosby hit his first homerun of 2007!

Saturday 3/24

  • We went to watch the A's play the Rangers at Surprise Stadium (KC and Texas share a spring training stadium)!

  • i <3 Milton!</li>

  • Marco!

  • I think Travis Buck wants to learn how to "hop on the treezy"!

  • Daric Barton and Jeremy Brown!

  • Swisher and his long locks!

  • Future hall-of-famer Mike Piazza!! (How many times are we going to hear THAT this season?)

  • Good luck, fellas!

  • Sammy Sosa batting for Wash's team!

  • T. Buck hits a homerun!

  • My favorite future Athletic, Kurt Suzuki!

I've been going through baseball withdrawal since coming back from Arizona but it's okay because the real season is starting in LESS THAN ONE WEEK!! Can you believe it?!

See you guys at the Coliseum on April 9th! =D


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