i've done a little homework, and i'm ready

these are my opinions on the 2007 season.  feel free to hold them up for admiration and/or ridicule come october, and or at any time before then. please feel free to change my mind about any of these, and remember that they may reflect other factors (matsuzaki) at large...  let's go!

mets -  what a package, offense, defense, and a bunch of chumpy NL teams to beat on all year - these guys should win almost as many last year, and are a shoo-in for the playoffs.  

atlanta - 500 on the nose or worse.  no mojo, but not enough time in the second-tier to have the hunger to come back to the spotlight.

nationals - mediocre to bad, but not horrible

cubs - the 2007 cubs are possibly one of the most overrated and overhyped teams in baseball history, possibly discounting the 2006 cubs, the 2005 cubs...  zambrano is a nice pickup, sorriano is respectable (but all that money for .270??) and healthy guys back in the picture on offense is great, too.  too bad they may all have peaked already.

padres - no reason they can't go 3 in a row in the west.  where are the dodger stars to stop them?  did their pen ever really recover from losing gagne?  sure, the pods are faceless, but that's good enough to do the job in that division.

yanks - the best money can buy, except they didn't buy matsuzaki, and can expect to lose a few to him.  still, HOF offense, of course, but perhaps a hair shy of last year's regular season performance

o's - i want to believe in miggy and jaypay, the a's fan in me loves them, but i hear rumors that their pitching is possibly a crime to the eyes of god and man

dray's - any reason they won't be horrible again?

twins - the most underrated AL team coming into the season.  sure, they don't have much on offense beyond torii and the wonder twins, and they lost at least one great arm, but, still, they're a tight club which won a very tough division and has two young superstars and nathan closing

oakland - my boys will keep it tight with the airheads from the big a, but they'll miss that thomas/jaypay power in a big way.  piazza has possibly peaked.  still, the A's have truly awesome pitching if they stay healthy, and their D is infinitely superior to any other crew in baseball when humming at top level (assuming they don't do something stupid like play ruby at 1b.)

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