A's Pen vs Angels Pen vs Tigers Pen

Randy Bell brought up in the game thread that he would "gladly" take the Tigers and Angels bullpens over ours, so I decided to compare.

I am assuming that Windsor wins the 5th spot and Kennedy is sent back to the pen, because that is how I think things are headed at this point.

Stats are [ERA/Opposing Batters Line in AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS form] over last 3 years, via ESPN.

A's Pen:
[2.48/.216/.268/.306/.575] Huston Street
[2.80/.233/.283/.350/.633] Justin Duchscherer
[3.17/.211/.276/.328/.603] Kiko Calero
[4.81/.299/.383/.469/.852] Chad Gaudin
[5.00/.264/.305/.447/.752] Alan Embree
[4.55/.284/.353/.439/.791] Joe Kennedy
[-----Not Applicable-----] Jay Marshall

It really is a very solid pen, especially if you get a bit more selective with the stats. If you replace and put simply the 2006 campaign of Kennedy, Gaudin and Embree into that list, you get ERA's of: 2.31, 3.09 and 3.27 respectivly. Not that bad, if I say so myself. Marshall, as the 7th man and LOOGY, is a wild card. Witasick is gone, and I don't think I have to explain that one.

Angels Pen:
[2.05/.184/.268/.288/.556] Francisco Rodriguez
[3.00/.220/.288/.318/.606] Scott Shields
[3.18/.224/.290/.374/.664] Justin Speier
[2.77/.221/.294/.341/.635] Hector Carrasco
[4.63/.267/.314/.473/.787] Darren Oliver
[5.64/.316/.414/.480/.895] Chris Resop
[6.35/.333/.365/.622/.988] Greg Jones

Carrasco will start the year in the Angels rotation in all likelyhood, while they wait for Jered Weaver to get healthy. But for the sake of argument, lets put him in the pen. The bullpen is very solid in late innings, and like the A's, you can skew the stats a bit more in the Angels favor if you replace Olivers split with his stats simply as a reliever. As for Resop and Jones, I am not sure if they will be the 6th and 7th spots for the Angels, but this rotoworld believes they are.

[3.41/.260/.310/.354/.664] Todd Jones
[1.94/.187/.286/.270/.556] Joel Zumaya  
[3.27/.212/.309/.335/.644] Fernando Rodney
[3.90/.282/.349/.426/.775] Jose Mesa
[4.90/.275/.342/.418/.759] Wilfredo Ledezma
[5.27/.273/.347/.459/.806] Jason Grilli
[4.84/.276/.332/.428/.760] Zach Miner

The Tigers bullpen looks strong up top, but weak at hte bottom. Factor in that they play in even more of a pitchers park than the A's or Angels, and the pen does not look nearly as impressive as the other two teams. Zumuya is a diamond, but Jones is a big question mark to most. But I think it will once again be a solid pen, and I expect improvements from Miner and Ledezma. But how will Jose Mesa fare in the AL?

If you use last years stats only, the A's bullpen wins far and away. There is no denying that. All relievers would have an ERA under 3.30, and three would have ERA's under 3. The three year stats are somewhat skewed for the A's by Kennedy and Gaudins failure in the starting role, and Embrees injury in 2005. The Angels are also very strong, and have prospects comming that could make it even stronger, only because they the rotation is too stacked for them to enter it. The Angels are in the best position because the top of their bullpen is very good, and their rotation will consistantly get them there and bypass the mop up guys. The Tigers also have a solid bullpen, but when you figure in the ballpark and age, the Angels and A's win, if not by just a bit.

Personally, I would not "Gladly" make the trade of bullpens. I like our pen, and I believe we have a number of good relievers waiting in the wings in case of injury. Not only that, but our bullpen is filled with cheap guys who will be around, with the exception of Kennedy, for years longer. The Angels, if they brought up their stud pitchers and threw them in the pen, however, would probably win outright, and only then would I make the trade.

But I am sure that Sal can bring up a much more comprihensive reivew of bullpens in the AL and tell us who is truley the best.

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