DLD 110807: Spot? Damn! Out.

So last night I decided to sleep in Inverness.  I love Marin County when the soothing howls carry through fog ‘oer the moors.  


Wanna find your sweet spot?  On your bat, of course...didja think I meant something else?  All you need is a bat (wooden), a hammer (claw), and a friend (optional).

To find one of the "sweet spots" on a baseball bat, hold the bat, hanging down, loosely between your thumb and index finger, just below the knob on the bat's handle. Have a friend tap the bat gently with a hammer, starting at the fat end and moving toward the handle. (You can also do it yourself, although it's easier and more fun with a friend.) You should feel a vibration in your fingers whenever the bat is struck, except when the "node" is hit; then you'll feel nothing. You may also notice a slightly different sound when the node is struck.

Why does this work? Vibrational nodes, dude!

Of course, there’s all sorts of spots.  I commend you to The Sweet Spot.

"The Northwest’s Premier Sugaring Studio! Located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle...The Sweet Spot® specializes in Brazilians for men and women, and offers a full menu of additional services."

There’s The Mystery Spot:  "Some speculate that cones of metal were secretly brought here and buried in our earth as guidance systems for their spacecraft. Some think that it is in fact the spacecraft itself burried deep within the ground. Other theories include carbon dioxide permeating from the earth, a hole in the ozone layer, a magma vortex, the highest dielectric biocosmic radiation known anywhere in the world, and radiesthesia. Whatever the cause is, it remains a mystery."

And then there are blind spots.  Apparently we all have them.


I got a bit hungry, and stopped at the local smorgasbord, where they were having a Banquo.

Here, you can damn someone to hell!  By email!  Ain’t technology wicked?

What, a baseball tie-n?  Alright...there’s always the hats:

And the theater...don’t we all love theatrics?  Think that regardless of the subject, the next scandal to rock baseball should be dubbed Apple-gate.


who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?


"You are groovy flowers in a garden where I am privileged to stand and share a few moments with you."  Lord Buckley

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