Fire-up the Hot Stove: Free Agents

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the hot stove season to commence.  I ran across an article listing free agents and possible free agents for the upcoming off-season and I thought I would share it with my fellow ANers.  *This list will grow once non-tenders are established.

Overall, it's a pretty weak crew.  Obviously, the jewel of the every day player class is some guy named Rodriguez; besides that, the second tier would include Hunter, Rowand, Andruw Jones, and possibly Dunn and Posada.

Of the starting pitchers, Maddux, Schilling, Glavine, and possibly Pettitte seem to be the only above average players available.  On the relief side, Cordero, Rivera, Linebrink, Wickman, Gagne, Borowski, and possibly Nathan are worth mention.

Some guys I think the A's should make a play for: David Eckstein(SS); Guillen(RF); Rowand(CF); Colon (SP); and Linebrink(RP).

Eckstein is a winner, would be insurance for Crosby and has history with Ellis from their days at Florida University.

Guillen is a plus defensive OF and the right handed bat the A's desperately need.

Rowand also fits the right handed bat the A's need and could be a suitable replacement for Kotsay in CF.

Colon, coming off 2 injury filled seasons, which would make him cheap(er) and would be worth the risk.

Linebrink is a nice reliever and would spare A's fans of another season of Casilla.

Free Agents:

Catcher: Posada(NYY)*; LoDuca(NYM); Torrealba(COL); Piazza(OAK); Bako(Bal); Mirabelli(Bos); Kendall(ChC); Valentin(Cin); Ausmus(Hou); LaRue(KC); Lieberthal(LAD)*; Miller(Mil); Alomar(NYM); Castro(NYM); DeFelice(NYM); Molina(NYY); Barajas(Phl)*; Bennett(StL)*; Stinnett(StL); Barrett(SD); Casanova(TB); Paul(TB); and Fasano (TOR).

First Base: Casey(DET); Clark(AZ); Klesko(SF); Sweeney(KC); Mientkiewicz(NYY); Franco(ATL); Hinske(BOS); Ward(ChC)*; Hatteberg(CIN); Hillenbrand(LAD); Saenz(LAD); Sweeney(LAD); Conine(NYM); Cairo(StL); Norton(TB)*; and Fick(WSH).

Second Base: Matsui(COL); Castillo(NYM); Giles(SD); Easley(NYM); Graffanino(MIL); Bellhorn(CIN); Martinez(LAD)*; Valentin(NYM); Blum(SD); Hairston Jr.(TEX); and Jimenez(WSH).

Third Base: Rodriguez(NYY)*; Lowell(BOS); Feliz(SF); Lamb(HOU); A. Boone(FLA); Cirillo(AZ); Gomez(CLE); Koskie(MIL)*; Nunez(PHL)*; Branyan(StL); and Batista(WSH).

Shortstop: Eckstein(Stl); Uribe(CWS)*; Loretta(HOU); Vizquel(SF); Izturis(PIT)*; Woodward(ATL); Clayton(BOS); and Perez(DET).

Outfield: Dunn(CIN); Hunter(MIN); Rowand(PHL); Guillen(SEA)*; Bonds(SF); Jones(ATL); Patterson(BAL); Kielty(BOS); Floyd(ChC)*; Erstad(CWS)*; Lofton(CLE); Nixon(CLE); Palmeiro(HOU); Sanders(KC); Gonzalez(LAD); Jenkins(MIL)*; White(MIN)*; Alou(NYM)*; Anderson(NYM); Green(NYM); Abreu(NYY)*; DaVanon(OAK); Stewart(OAK); Wilson(StL); Bradley(SD); Cameron(SD); Clark(SD); Mackowiak(SD)*; Stairs(TOR); Sosa(TEX); and Wilkerson(TEX).

Starting Pitcher: Greg Maddux(SD)*; Curt Schilling(Bos): Andy Pettitte(NYY)*; Carlos Silva(Min.); Roger Clemens(NYY); Livan Hernandez(Ari.); Kris Benson(Bal.)*; Jaret Wright(Bal.); Matt Clement(Bos.); Julian Tavarez(Bos.)*; Tim Wakefield(Bos.)*; Steve Trachsel(ChC)*; Eric Milton(Cin.); Paul Byrd(Cle.); Elmer Dessens(Col.); Josh Fogg(Col.); Rodrigo Lopez(Col.); Mark Redman(Col.); Kenny Rogers(Det.); Byung-Hyun Kim(Fla.); Jason Jennings(Hou.); Odalis Perez(KC)*; John Thomson(KC); Bartolo Colon(LAA); David Wells(LAD); Randy Wolf(LAD); Tom Glavine(NYM)*; Brian Lawrence(NYM)*; Freddy Garcia(Phi.); Jon Lieber(Phi.); Kyle Lohse(Phi.); Tony Armas Jr.(Pit.); Joel Pineiro(StL)*; Kip Wells(StL); Brett Tomko(SD); Russ Ortiz(SF); Jeff Weaver(Sea.); Joe Kennedy(Tor.); Victor Zambrano(Tor); and Jamey Wright(Tex).

Relief Pitcher: Joe Nathan(Min.)*; Francisco Cordero(Mil); Mariano Rivera(NYY); Russ Springer(StL); Eric Gagne(Bos); Bob Wickman (Ari); Octavio Dotel(Atl)*; Ron Mahay(Atl); Mike Timlin(Bos); Scott Eyre(ChC)*; Kerry Wood(ChC)*; Mike Myers(CWS)*; Eddie Guardado(Cin)*; Joe Borowski(Cle); Aaron Fultz(Cle); Jeremy Affeldt (Col); LaTroy Hawkins(Col)*; Matt Herges(Col); Jorge Julio(Col); Ramon Ortiz(Col); Todd Jones(Det); Armando Benitez(Fla); Trever Miller(Hou); Brian Moehler(Hou); David Riske(KC)*; Roberto Hernandez(LAD); Rudy Seanez(LAD); Ray King(Mil); Scott Linebrink(Mil); Aaron Sele(NYM); Ron Villone(NYY); Luis Vizcaino(NYY); Antonio Alfonseca(Phi); Jose Mesa(Phi); J.C. Romero(Phi); Shawn Chacon(Pit); Troy Percival(StL); Doug Brocail(SD); Chris Reitsma(Sea)*; Arthur Rhodes(Sea); Al Reyes(TB)*; and Jay Witasick(TB)

Source: MLBPA & Detroit Free Press

*Denotes Player or Team Option for 2008 Season

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