DLD 9-27-06: Group Hugs and Non-alcoholic Bubbly

Here's the only link that counts, thanks to Jonny Oklnd.  All other links are superfluous.

For completeness:

Harden wins clincher, may be big for playoffs
Rich Harden recorded the division-clinching victory for the A's on Tuesday night, a nice sidelight on a big day for the club. Harden missed most of the season with injuries, but the team's record in his starts this season is 8-0...

BUBBLY IN SEATTLE / A's win, Angels lose, magic number zero
A night before, the A's let a big early lead get away and their stranglehold on the division suddenly appeared less certain. Tuesday at Safeco Field, there were no such missteps, and Oakland nailed down all of its business at once.

Oakland clinches AL West title (AP)
The American League playoff teams are set. All that remains to be determined are the first-round matchups. After three days of waiting, the Oakland Athletics clinched the AL West title Tuesday night when they beat the Mariners 12-3, setting off a wild celebration in Seattle that lived up to the A's frat house reputation.

Note: Oh come on, that was a very tame celebration. No one was hurt, no strippers, all positivity.

And finally...

Last night as we were watching the game and subsequent party, I ducked into the study a couple of times to post. I was amazed to see so many familiar names and so many pleasant new posters. It felt like we were all standing around the TV at our favorite bar down the street, not really chatting, just yelling and dancing in the light of the screen.

In the coming weeks, we may face disappointment, and surely will face cardiac arrest. We will cringe as people whine about how nothing less than complete success all the time is "acceptable". We may reach for our imaginary killfiles during game threads. But today, let us be happy.

Thanks to everyone who makes this site so honest, psychotic and interesting. Thanks to those few of you who let me, nay, encourage me, to be as weird as I naturally am.  We've shared and survived two really crummy Septembers and stunning off-seasons. But no matter what happens in the future and in the playoffs (I have heard it is akin to a dice game), we will always share this happy day.  

As for your hangover, drink lots of water and watch the celebration video. Again.

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