DLD July 9th: Dreams Come True

I'd like to dedicate this link dump to the well being of Roy Steele. Nico writes an excellent piece on the front page, and here is the fantastic article written by Gwen Knapp.

I'd like to point out a certain part of that article:

"Three of my children on the same night dreamt that I was back to normal,'' he said, "and I thought that meant something.''

I know for a fact that dreams come true. How? Last night i had a dream. I was with my friend Ben (American) in an unknown place. I was in a hurry.

"Ben, lets go!"
"Wait, i gotta check something on my sidekick"
"ARGH!" (me)

Lo and behold, Ryan Quinn of announces that the A's have signed top pick Trevor Cahill

Isn't that nuts?

Within that same article, Huston Street acts like a five year old.

Huston Street, whose drink of choice was milk, was especially excited about the meal and repetitively asked his teammates if they had eaten yet, because the food was "So good" and that he was going to have seconds.

Street, 22, was maybe a little too jazzed because he was eating the steak with his bare hands. He was simultaneously eating his steak, talking to Joe Blanton and flapping a piece of steak in front of Blanton's face.

The closer from the University of Texas was also saying that he was eager about a sleepover at Kirk Saarloos' house. Lobster, blue Gatorade and a sleepover -- can life get any better? Maybe Street also would get to play video games with Saarloos.

Street looked to be so wound up about possibly playing Halo 2 with his buddy that when he went to poor himself some milk, he missed the cup by a good six inches.

Uh, that's a little wierd.

Anyways, yet another disheartening game. recap

Susan Slusser recap

In other news, Milton Bradley went 3-5 with 2 homers and 6 rbi's for Sacramento yesterday. I won't get my hopes up, but Milton Bradley performing well would go a long way to bring the A's offense back to something watchable.

Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal to take fourth straight Wimbledon title I'm happy. I hate Nadal for one thing. Plus, it's something else watching possibly the greatest player of all time dominate.

Again, this diary is dedicated to the Voice of God, as well as all our dreams coming true.

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