Moneybutt: The Butts of Summer

Update [2006-7-30 2:12:59 by Apricot]: Your many (30,000+) votes have upset the server and caused very annoying data corruption. So, I'm going to have to call off this round for official results until another time I can properly support and wrestle with the server. I'll leave it up, but it will probably continue to need resetting in this annoying way. :(

Okay, it's clearly time for another round of Moneybutt.  This began as an attempt to quantitatively rate people's butts, but has grown, like a strange mold, into something bigger.

In short:

  • You vote on choices between two entities.  
  • Every few votes, you get a special choice... sometimes you're forced to rate pairs against pairs, other times Moneybutt tries to give you a painful choice.
  • It's free. Vote as much as you like, using whatever criteria you like.  
  • You get little badges for voting a lot. Voters are listed in order of number of votes.
  • You can limit your voting to certain categories, like "Oakland A's" or "Men" or "Women" (or combinations).  You can even edit your prefs to never see entities from categories, e.g. "Gross".  (Now why would we need a feature like that?)
  • You are encouraged to add new pictures for existing entities.
  • You are encouraged to add new entities.  PG images only please, and try to link only to the bigger websites. You should put your new entity into the right categories as well. Seeing people's added pictures and entities is my favorite part.
  • There isn't much documentation, but you should be able to figure things out clicking around the top area of the page.
  • The website is linked at
  • I turned off the game for a while because it was maxing out my server limits, but I've got a new server now, so do your worst. Heh heh.

The current rankings of A's related entities are posted below. But since the last vote (Thanksgiving 2005), AN has gained a lot of different people whose opinions may be different. I will post the new rankings sometime after the weekend of Aug 5 (depending on when I can get net access on the road!).

Good luck!

0.851   Rich Harden
0.817   Mark Ellis
0.815   Huston Street
0.811   Bobby Crosby
0.807   Eric Chavez
0.803   Mark Kotsay
0.799   Nick Swisher
0.794   Danny Haren
0.791   Barry Zito
0.786   Mark Mulder
0.779   Tim Hudson
0.752   Justin Duchschererer
0.747   Billy Beane
0.743   Dan Johnson
0.736   Dennis Eckersley
0.73    Scott Hatteberg
0.724   Joe Blanton
0.719   Jason Kendall
0.709   Adam Melhuse
0.696   Kiko Calero
0.687   Stomper
0.686   Miguel Tejada
0.682   Bobby Kielty
0.675   Dave Stewart
0.667   Jay Witasick
0.66    Bill King
0.66    Ron Washington
0.65    Jay Payton
0.646   Jason Isringhausen
0.636   Eric Byrnes
0.633   Rollie Fingers
0.629   Rickey Henderson
0.624   Kirk Saarloos
0.624   Keiichi Yabu
0.609   Frank Menechino
0.601   Joe Kennedy
0.593   Ken Macha
0.591   Ramon Hernandez
0.59    Bob Geren
0.584   Fear Mecir
0.584   Larry Davis
0.579   Brandon Buckley
0.578   Shane Komine
0.573   Daric Barton
0.571   Keith Ginter
0.558   Travis Buck
0.547   Esteban Loaiza
0.547   Kevin Melillo
0.547   Billy Beane Big Brother
0.544   Hiram Bocachica
0.54    Aaron Harang
0.534   Art Howe
0.534   Mark McGwire
0.532   Milton Bradley
0.527   Anthony Recker
0.523   Paul Depodesta
0.521   Jeff Tam
0.513   Connie Mack
0.511   Jason Hart
0.51    The Bash Brothers
0.507   Tom Candiotti
0.499   Adam the Ballboy
0.498   Mike Gallego
0.497   Jeremy Bonderman
0.496   Cliff Pennington
0.489   Steve Sparks
0.471   John Jaha
0.465   Lance Blankenship
0.455   Billy Koch
0.452   Jeremy Giambi
0.45    J.P. Ricciardi
0.443   Jimmy Foxx aka The Beast
0.439   David Forst
0.436   Vancouver Canadians
0.432   Mark Teahen
0.42    Storm Davis
0.415   Mickey Cochrane
0.414   Jason Giambi
0.403   Keith Foulke
0.393   Mike Magnante
0.389   Ricardo Rincon
0.386   Mickey Morabito
0.32    Jose Canseco
0.216   Kenny Rogers

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