My Three Trades

Dear Billy,

I am willing to let you trade Barry Zito for Johan Santana.  And I know you didn't agree with this a few years ago, but if you can get Miggy back in exchange for Bobby, I'll allow that too.   Nick Swisher is great, but if you can swing a deal for Albert Pujols or even Travis Hafner, I'm okay with that as well.  I know you think Chavy's Scottie Pippen can become an MJ (and I do know how young he is), but seeing as how the Yankees need pitching and their fans don't seem to want Alex, why not give Brian a call and see if we can work a deal to give'em Joe and Eric for A-Rod and cash.  You can sell it, Billy, you're an amazing A that way!

Hey, since we're talking about other teams paying partial salaries, remember when you got Pittsburg to pay for Kendal, what do you think about bringing Ramon back to Oakland; I hear Javy Lopez wants to be their everyday guy anyways.  And I'll even trade Rich healthy Rich Harden (I just have to see what he can do in a full season, completely healthy).

All of which is to say, as the trading deadline approaches, fill free to trade'em all Billy.  I learned how to live without the godfather of steroids in the early `90s and his bash bro and fellow user a few years later. I'm kind of glad we avoided that mess with the Yankee's DH, but as you can see, I still do miss that Baltimore Shortstop (still think you should held on to him instead of Eric).  And my baseball world was rattled when you traded the Stinger and the Master of the Two Hour Game within weeks of each other.  Talk about a left, right combo.  

It'll hurt, but I can live without anyone on this current roster (save Mr. Glass Fastball, that is).  I mean, as you keep reminding us year after year, this game is a business and you're always borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  And luckily, a lot of these guys are new and while I've come to like'em (Frank absolutely was a steal and if you can, hold on to `em another year or two, okay?) I've already gotten used to saying my good byes, what I've missed is those World Series rings.

So, as a devoted (save a few years between the Canseco trade and Hudson's first start) Athletics' fan for the past 18 years, you have my blessings to wheel and deal this season.  In fact, not only do you have my backing, here's my top three suggestions:

Brian Roberts and Ramon Hernandez for Ellis, Kendell, Meyer/Windsor.  Roberts is the lead off hitter we've lacked since Ricky Henderson (has it really been that long?) and Ramon has the bat and skills I desire behind the plate.  Baltimore needs major league ready pitching, which Meyer/Windsor should be by next year and Ellis is a great fielder signed to a great deal and already works well with Miggy (who I know we can't afford, damn it!).  I can't see Baltimore turning down this deal.

A-Rod for Barry and Chavez.  Let's face it, Alex is the player you're hoping Chavez will become and if I can live without Hudson/Mulder/Zito, you can live without Chavy.  Now if you can work out a deal for NY to pay some of the difference between their salaries, I think both sides will be happy.  As for Barry, yes he's pitching better, but he's going to walk this year and let's face it, while the health has been there, he's been a little better than a five hundred pitcher since the Cy (7 games over actually, which includes the 10-6 mark this year).  Oh, FYI: A-Rod on our team, puts fans in the seats more than Barry and Eric combined.

Willis for DJ, Hiram Bocachica and Meyer/Windsor.  If Zito is traded, then you need a starting pitcher to replace him.  Florida has one who just happens to be from Oakland, CA!  Johnson and Bocachica probably should be in the majors and Florida probably should be in the minors (until they decide to buy another championship).  This trade is the small market helps small market trade and I think, given that Florida gets three quality players, it works for everyone.

If all three of these trades were to go through, you've got a line up of Roberts, Kotsay, Bradley, A-Rod, Thomas, Swisher, Hernandez, Crosby, Payton/Kielty and a rotation of Harden, Haren, Willis, Loaiza and Blanton.  Oh, notice how I didn't touch our bullpen?

Well, that's my two cents Billy.  Do what you will with it.

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