Why I am glad the A's won today...

Wow, this is my first AN diary since... a long time ago.  Lately I have been severely overworked; spending my evenings rehearsing after completing a full work day.  Now that the show has opened I can finally sleep more than five hours a night and not sleep through my alarm for work.  Pulling 18+ hour days for almost three weeks in a row would also explain my absence from AN.  Ahh, the joys of being a musician with a day job.

baseballgirl did a great job on the front page counting our blessings as A's fans today with a win and series win over the Red Sox.  But I have something that I think she missed.

I glad because I belive that the A's taking a series against one of the most potent offenses in the League will squelch the "mega-trade/fire sale" threads.  For the last few weeks, my last moments before going to bed always involved checking in on AN and perusing its diaries, I was really incensed by grover's "nuclear option" trade thread, I wanted to toss in my opinion but my better judgement told me that sleep would be beneficial and I went to bed.

My problem with grover's analysis is that we're talking about real baseball here, not fantasy baseball.  We are also dealing with real people here, not a string of numbers and stats on Yahoo fantasy baseball.  My problem was that such a big disruption to the A's roster would spell doom for any chances of winning for the forseeable future.  Why?  The answer is simple, it's chemistry.

I personally believe that chemistry is a very important part in any human endeavor; whether it is playing baseball in the big leagues, shooting a movie or running a business.  Without chemistry, more often than not these ventures will fail.

Although baseball is just a game the people who play it are professionals, that means it is their job to play baseball.  Let's talk about other people who are professionals, say the rest of us with jobs that unfortunately do not involve playing a game a few months out of the year.  How would you feel if you went to work one day and discovered that half of your office was relocated or laid off and was replaced with people you don't know?  Would you feel that your job security is being threatened?  I would and I would start planning an exit strategy into a new job.

Am I the only one who think that clubhouse chemistry was adversely affected when Beane and Macha imposed the 21st Amendment on the A's clubhouse and charter flights?  Perhaps this was one of the several factors including Chavez playing hurt and slumping players that caused a malaise just before the All Star Break?

Now I'm not saying I'm satisfied with the A's as they are.  I think this series is like our season in microcosm:

Game 1: Late inning heroics win the game
Game 2: A blowout
Game 3: A's get shutout
Game 4: Another blowout

As I said before, this is like our season, one moment the A's are the hottest team in all of baseball, then they swept by a bunch of scrubs.  This manic-depressive offense is seriously driving me nuts.  The stress of being an A's fan coupled with my erratic schedule is probably destined to leave me with a Chairman Mao bald spot by the time I'm 33.

Yes, I am not satisfied with the A's as they stand.  I know injuries have affected the team's performance as a whole and there are hopeful signs with the return of Bradley.  Still, I have doubts that the team can be consistently good for a long stretch and just expecting the A's to turn it up in the second half on the sole basis that they have done so in recent years is not really rational.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a trade to bolster the A's position.  We have some bargaining chips in Barry Zito a glut of outfielders and possibly another glut in bullpen arms.  But a wholesale dismantling of the Oakland A's to create a Florida Marlins West is not cool.  What some were proposing would have been disastrous to the team.  It would have been bigger than letting Giambi or Tejada go.  It would have been bigger than the dismantling of the Big Three.  I really don't think the fabled Oakland clubhouse chemistry could handle something like that.

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