DLD July 2, 2006 Sunday Times

Not only do the animals themselves give me the creeps, the baseball team is just downright annoying, often leading to depression and possibly dangerous anger symptoms. In wayman terms, I feel like throwing chairs after last night's debacle.

There are some slightly less gloomy bits of news from mudville: MaEl is back! Bring out your "MaEluvr" signs and wave them proudly!

The BIGHURT came back as well (same link) and everyone's hoping that maybe something will finally happen somewhere and that something will hopefully be useful. Little bunny BoCro says it better:

"It will be good for us," Crosby said. "Our offense could use a little boast right now. We're not hitting as well as we could right now, so it will definitely help."

All very well and good, Bunnies, but my way to discuus that is more interesting.

Little tidbits in that link:

  • Clark and Rouse optioned to AAA.
  • Chavez has tennis elbow and is day to day, but probably won't need a stint on the DL to recover. All which means, in Larry Davis speak, that unfortuantely Eric Chavez is critically injured and, as soon as our secret lab produces the latest medical technology, he'll be back.
  • Kielty's having shoulder problems?! He stole Swisher's day off because of it. No word yet on how Nick is taking it.
  • Bradley's getting better. Which could mean anything.
  • And, one last thing I can discover from that...Macha Hearts Scoot. "The job [Scutaro] did was more than commendable," said A's manager Ken Macha. "We have been fortunate to have him here the last three years."

Anyway, today the A's are again playing the evil Snaky things, and Esteponthegas DUIaza is pitching, and LAST TIME, he didn't suck! Whoohoo!

If you weren't already sick and tired of fan voting and All Star Game crap, you, yes, YOU, STILL have a say in what goes on! (Liars). This story is some propaganda about the (drumroll please) FINAL VOTE! Or something like that. <yawns>

In case you weren't reading my title, it's the first of July (and I hate snakes). There's an awesome recap of the month, AND the A's got a mention! What do you know! news around AN, don't forget to sign up for Chez Nico II! Of course, please bring your own dead animal, preferably dead before you get there, and cook it there. For us NRAF's, please post pictures and stories.

All links dump here!

Update [2006-7-2 13:46:11 by cirquegirl14]: Saturday was very slow, so I'm reusing this for Sunday with a few extra links.

Tidbits, news, and extras from the AN Newsfeed:

  • - A suggestion for a new All Star policy. Interesting idea.
  • - Joe Kennedy is, apparently, alive. One can only hope that this revival is permanent.
  • - From the comments, Harden is also alive (link below). It appears the newest revival techniques are back from the A's secret lab.

Other than that, really, there's a lot of stories about us sucking last night, so I decided not to include them, because we already know about. Happy Sunday!

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