crosbysgirl510's return from college!

HI AN!!!! you all havent forgotten about me...right??!... ITS CROSBYSGIRL510 (not to be cofused with bobbycrosbysgirl) AND SHES BACK FROM HER FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE!!YAY...

I have so much to tell you guys and we have soo much catching up to do... girl talk chick talk butt talk i miss you girls.. and of course you guys too...

well i actually got out a couple of weeks ago from UC Merced which was a new school that opened up last year.... but i went on a trip to Hawaii and just got back last night.... My first year of college was pretty fun... but the thing that pissed me off was i couldnt watch a single game in the beginning of the season which totally fricken killed me.... tear.. but i had fun and itll be something i will never forget.. im not coming back there next year but im not dropping out... im moving back to oakland and going to a community college there to save money and then transferring go to a better school

and plus i'll be able to go to my beloved A's games.. im thinking about gettin the 22 gamepack

some juicy college stories.. ehh?... haha well i dont really have anything juicy other then me getting into a fight with an Angels fan that went to my school.. yea the ahole was drunk and i was buzzed and i was wearin A's gear like i was 90% of the time... i became known as the Oakland A's girl.. haha.. anyways back to the fight... he said some crap about me being an A's fan.. that of course irked me.. but i didnt do anything until he said some very not so nice things that i cant say out loud here... so i decked him hard across his face and im pretty sure he broke his nose... i got kicked out of my dorm for a week.. but it was worth it... i was surrounded by yankees, giants, and angels fans... ewwww gross...but i also met some really cool A's fans

I CAUGHT MY FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON TODAY JUST IN TIME was such a good game to be a part of... the crowd was nice... my legs arent white anymore... I GOT TO SEE MY BOYS IN GREEN AND GOLD AND A CERTAIN SHORTSTOP...omg how ive missed Bobby Crosby... and i cant believe i missed him at macys yesterday... ugh... but thanks to BobbyCrosbysGirl for the pictures melts... the game... Glad to see Huston back and the team winning again...and just being back in the bay... you really dont appreciate it till youve ventured away from it... KING RICH TOMORROW YAY!! I'LL BE THERE FOR SURE

oh how i love this team... LETS GO OAKLAND!!!

This is a picture of my dorm room...its blurry but i thought itd be nice to share it with you guys...


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