My Diamond Level Seats Experience (LOTS OF PICTURES!)

my friend and i scored some diamond level tickets for the 5/29 game vs. the royals and i wanted to share the experience (and lots of pictures!) with you guys! besides the fact we lost the game to the royals, we had an AMAZING time!

the game started at 6:05pm and gates opened at 4:35pm so we got there around 3:45pm. :) we went to the E parking lot between the stadium and arena which is where the diamond level entrance is. the E lot is also where the visiting teams park and enter to get to the visiting clubhouse!

at the end of the hallway, before we headed down the stairs to our seats, the first time diamond level guests got a brief rundown of what we can and can't do:

- food and non-alcoholic drinks are free up to the 7th inning.
- each seat gets two complimentary drink tickets.
- we are allowed to take pictures but no flash allowed.
- the hallway and stairway going down to the seats are divided by a piece of tape. we have to stick to a certain side of the tape because players and other people will be on the other side.
- no talking to or taking pictures of the players in the hallway unless they talk to you first.

we went down the stairs and are welcomed by the A's staff. we are shown to our seats and asked right away if we would like anything to eat or drink. my friend and i were too excited to eat or drink! we wanted to take pictures and enjoy the view!

(in case you are wondering what's in the cup holder, each of us got a bag of peanuts and a menu of the food available for the day - buffalo wings, chicken quesadilla, bbq chicken pizza, salad, chicken cordon bleu, mini burgers, hot dog, ice cream, nachos, etc.)

thanks to drew who was great to us all night and came to find us a couple of times even when we were not sitting at our seats to ask us if we wanted anything to drink!

when we realized that the diamond level seats were RIGHT next to where the A's players walk to/from the clubhouse, we decided that we would hang around there and take pictures and get some autographs. i have an A's cap that has a lot of the players' autographs on it and there were a couple of players i didn't have yet (mainly kotsay, bradley, ellis and scutaro) so i was hoping to get theirs. i also had a melhuse t-shirt i wanted him to sign!

i found a spot and was trying really hard to hold my cap, melhuse tee, and a pen <span style="font-style: italic;">and</span> take pictures at the same time!

- chad gaudin!

- steve karsay!

- adam melhuse! melhuse was walking back to the clubhouse when i waved my t-shirt with the #17 and "melhuse" on the back. i asked him if he would please sign the shirt and he said "awww. where did you get that from!?" haha. he looked very surprised and happy!

huston street! this was the only picture i was able to get of huston. he was too busy running around doing stuff.

es-STAY-ban loaiza!

danny haren! it was haren's day to pitch so nobody bothered him for an autograph but i had to sneak a picture (no flash, of course!).

bobby crosby! bobby was awesome! he stopped and signed a bunch of autographs. < swoon >

mark kotsay! he said something about having to do something while running by so this was the only picture i got of him.

nick swisher! some people asked him for autographs when he walked by and he said "hold on, i'll be right back".

while distracted watching swisher, ellis ran by and didn't stop! :( i forgive him though because he's still rockin' the high socks! ;)

jason kendall! he also ran by saying something about how he's busy.

we all know how much swisher loves attention and his fans so he came back to sign autographs like he said he would.

antonio perez! i know he's only gotten ONE hit so far as an Athletic but i like the guy. i saw him in spring training and i was impressed so maybe he'll get the chance to do a little more since ellis is on the DL (sniff).

dan johnson! dj said something about having to drop off his bat and that he'd be back ... but he didn't come back.

frank thomas! the big hurt ran by (sorta) and also said he'd be back but didn't come back either.

eric chavez! i <3 chavvy! he came out and started to sign autographs right away. i know players are busy before games and they don't HAVE to sign autographs so it's really cool seeing some players take the time to sign and say hi to fans.

< swoon again >

here are a couple of pictures from the game. it's too bad that net is there to protect us from the ball and stuff! it makes the pictures look horrible!

a win would have been nice to end the day but oh well, it was still worth it! :)

GO A's!

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