Settle down with your juice and cookies!

Ever since I've heard people calling Bobby "Little Bunny BoCro", this idea has been pounding in my head. Since it is relevant to the A's, I decided to post it. Apologies to BobbyCrosbysgirl for using her picture and to whoever wrote Little Bunny Foo Foo for using their song. Without further ado, I present:

Little Bunny BoCro and the LostAngelHost Angel of Abhorrant Orangutan Colony

One day, little bunny BoCro was hopping his merry way along the basepaths. He had gray fur and big floppy ears, and a fluffly tail. Little bunny BoCro loved to pick up the fielders and bop them on the head! He was so happy he sang this song as he went:

"Little bunny BoCro hopping down the basepaths,
picking up the fielders and boppin'em on the head!"

The fielders ran before him, but little bunny BoCro always caught them.

But then...the sky darkened. The ground began to tremble. Little bunny BoCro froze where he was, terrified! He covered his eyes with his big floppy ears and tried to put his fluffy tail between his legs, but it was too short.

Slowly, a horrific figure descended from on high. It was twisted and ugly, with way too much hair and an awful expression on its face. Yes, it was a LOSTANGELHOST ANGEL, from the dreaded abhorrant orangutan county. Little bunny BoCro began to tremble.

"What do you want?" little bunny BoCro cried valiantly, peering one eye from under his ear.

"Little bunny BoCro!" The giant ogre boomed, bearing down upon the terrified bunny. "I predict you'll come to woe, if you keep grabbing those fielders, and boppin'em on the head!"

The LostAngelHost Angel, with its single, staring eye, and its awful smell that accompanied its long, stringy hair, was truly a frightening sight. But it wasn't finished with little bunny BoCro!

"Furthermore!" it said, its words echoing through the silent baseball stadium, "If you keep bopping fielders on the head, you too will grow long, stringy, and disgusting hair. You will grow fat, and you will grow ogre's ears out the sides of your head! Yes, little bunny BoCro, your punishment will be to BECOME a LostAngelHost Angel!"

With that, the horrible apparition vanished back into the ugly gray sky, which immediately turned blue. Little bunny BoCro carefully peeked out from under his ear.

"Is it over?" he wondered. Seeing no one, he sat down on second base and sighed.  

"What am I going to do?" little bunny BoCro wailed. "If I do stop, I'll never get to bop fielders on the head again! If I don't stop, I'll be turned into a LostAngelHost Angel!"

Little bunny BoCro hung his head in despair. He sat there for so long he started to get hungry. He looked around and saw, on third base, a carrot. Little bunny BoCro was so shocked he blinked and had to rub his eyes!

Then he realized that, to get there, he was going to have to hop along the basepaths! And, with the fielders in the way, he was going to have to bop them on the head!

"It's the LostAngelHost Angel!" little bunny BoCro cried, curling his paw into a fist and raising it to the sky. "He's trapped me!"

Little bunny BoCro sat there and thought and thought and thought. Then suddenly, he got an idea! Little bunny BoCro hopped tentatively off second base, took a lead, and looked around.

He hopped again. The sky began to darken, and little bunny BoCro almost lost his nerve. But then he looked at that carrot, just waiting for him, and he knew he couldn't turn back. He began to hop as fast as he could!

As the fielders began to get in the way, little bunny BoCro just grabbed them, bopped them on the head, and continued on.

But, as little bunny BoCro got closer and closer to that carrot, so he was almost close enough to taste it...the LOSTANGELHOST ANGEL of the abhorrant Orangutan Colony landed in front of him!

"Last chance, bunny BoCro! If you don't stop, you will began the changes and you will become just like me!" The giant warned.

Well, little bunny BoCro might have stopped, but that carrot was beckoning him. So he kept right on hopping. He hopped right into the legs on the LostAngelHost Angel! The LostAngelHost Angel was SO surprised he fell over. And then, little bunny BoCro hopped over and bopped the LostAngelHost Angel on the head!

The LostAngelHost Angel could do nothing to stop little bunny BoCro as he hopped to the carrot and munched happily, seating himself on third base. The LostAngelHost Angel slunk away in shame.

And as for little bunny BoCro, he decided it was the best carrot he had ever tasted.


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