Weekend Link Dump (6-17-06)

This is my first ever Link Dump, so please be kind to me.  

<Waits to get hit by a chair>

Anyways, I hate 6:05 pm games on Saturdays.  I mean, c'mon.  I wake up on Saturday and have to wait 6 hours for the A's game?  Sheesh.  

Speaking of the A's, they're on quite a roll.  Not that you didn't know that already.   They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles last night.  But you knew that too.

By the way, I watched last week's TWIB yesterday, and Huston took a bunch of children to Wal-Mart to vote for the All-Stars.  He was making sure that everyone votes for all the A's on the ballot.  He also told them to write-in Swish.  One kid voted for Ian Kinsler from the Rangers.  When Huston saw that, he asked the kid why he did that.  The boy responded:  "But I, I just.. "  
Huston didn't let him finish.  He took the ballot from him and said something about how Kinsler is hitting .600 off him.  

Hehehe.  Very cute.  

<Searches frantically for more links>

Hmmm.  Did you know the A's preparations change for interleague games?

Oh, here's a little piece from the Sac Bee A's Notes:

The trash-talking reached its apex when Cal State Fullerton surrendered a first-inning home run to North Carolina in their opening College World Series game Friday.
"(Choke) on that, Fullerton," A's shortstop Bobby Crosby, who attended rival Long Beach State, yelled playfully from across the clubhouse to center fielder Mark Kotsay as the players watched on TV.  
Kotsay's face reddened.
"Where's Long Beach State?" Kotsay yelled back. "Sitting on their couch, watching on TV?"   "Hey, Street," he then barked at closer Huston Street, "where's Texas, watching on the couch?"
It's an annual rite of late spring -- major leaguers puffing out their chests in pride if their alma mater is making a run in Omaha. Especially for the likes of Kotsay, who led Fullerton to the national title in 1995, when he hit two home runs, had five RBIs and pitched 1 2/3 innings to close the Titans' 11-5 victory over USC in the title game.
"You win the College World Series, you have bragging rights," Kotsay said. "I usually don't have to pull it out, but Crosby was all over me."
Have I mentioned how much I love this team?  Well, I do!

The Rivercats won last night and this couple got married on the field before the game.  

The United States is trying to stay alive at the World Cup.  Second half just started and the score is tied at 1-1.  You can follow the game right here on AN.  

Ok, that's all I have.  Happy dumping!

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