Music to My Ears

What a pleasure it is to listen to Vin Scully.  Being in Southern California, I truly take for granted that we have a legend down here - one of the prices of being an A's fan in SoCal I guess (that and listening to bandwagon Angel Homers every day).

Vin's unique voice, his encyclopedia of knowledge, his ability to blend his wonderful, descriptive play-by-play (that radio voice) with his player profiles (I like how he lists the player's height and weight too), including their high school, college and pro careers, and stories...he is one of the greatest.  The was he covers play-by-play and color with no dead air is just amazing.

I know everybody on AN has heard Vin but I thought I would share a few of his stories and observations from last night's game since I assume most folks heard the A's broadcast.  I learned more new things about the A's on this broadcast than I have all year listening to other announcers (including Oakland's) on Extra Innings.

On Zito's strikeout of Jose Cruz Jr.: "Oh what a breaking ball.  You could have seen that from San Francisco."

Zito's second grade teacher had all of her students draw a picture of who they thought they would be when they grew up.  Zito drew a pitcher and across the top wrote `making a million dollars.'

Dan Johnson dreamed of becoming a forward for the Minnesota North Stars.

Jay Payton was one of the rare non pitchers to have Tommy John surgery.

Kielty redshirted as a pitcher at USC before transferring to Mississippi.

Referring to Ramon Martinez' head first dive into third as a "belly whopper."

Swisher has the initials of his deceased grandmother tattooed on his chest.

Chavy's parents had him playing baseball as soon as he could walk,  He wanted to be a fireman.

On Dan Johnson's sense of humor:  He has a second persona, Dale Edwards, captain of the Nebraska bowling team.

Payton lived with Barry Larkin while playing Connie Mack ball.

Scautaro "batting ninth, not a butter and egg man."  Not sure what that means but it sounded funny.

I have heard many Zito/Randy Jones stories over the years but never this one.  Jones would tell Zito to practice 500,000 windups.  If he did one incorrectly, Jones would spit his tobacco juice on Zito's new white Nike sneakers.

Swisher does yoga for 90 minutes in 120 degree heat.  Helps with fatigue.

Kielty's GPA in high school was 4.3.

Hope some of you enjoyed.  I know it is not the same as listening yourself.

Tonight, my son watches the game (and not Playstation) with Dad to listen to a legend.  That will be a wonderful pre-Father's Day gift.  And something I think he will have to look back on when he is older.

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