AN running club? {OFF TOPIC}

With the little one asleep on my lap and the wife taking a much deserved nap I thought that I would take the time to write this up.  Athletics Nation is a large and relatively diverse community so I imagine that there may be a critical mass that would fit the bill for this idea.  How many runners are there on athletics nation?  Do we have enough to form a running club?

Runsgood and I have exchanged emails about this very idea.  He and I both have some college running experience and would love to be a part of forming a running club based in part on being A's fans.  

-My basic idea would be to have a running club that would have several cells in various areas in norcal.  I am going to be living in the Davis area as of late July / early August so I would be involved in that area.  There would be as many cells wherever there would be interest.  
-Ideally these cells would meet at least 2 or 3 times a week to conduct an interval training session, a tempo session, and a long run.
-The cells would come together to race periodically as a team.  Ideally this race series would be a target for those who wanted to compete in it:

Hopefully we could enter a full team in all of the divisions, men's and women's open in addition to men's and women's masters (over 30, a barrier that I will breach within a year..   Sigh...)  divisions.

-We could also target less competitive races more geared towards fun.  

-This could be a potential schedule of races:

And of course we would want to include the A's yearly fun run.  

-The idea of the club would be to have it be open to anyone who wanted to join, be they beginners or established runners.  Not everybody would have to race.  Different cells could have different social functions and the like.  

The main reasons why I would want to get athletics nation involved would be to combine two of my great passions in life (running and baseball, particularly A's baseball), help introduce more people to running, and get a team together to run the Pacific Association cross country race series.  

I would hope that we could get some sort of racing shirt together with athletics nation via and get some interest.

We'll, be honest, am I barking up the wrong tree?  Should I be content to join one of the many norcal running clubs instead of this?  Or would you have interest?   Would you know of one who may have interest?

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