Not my suggestion, but a brilliant one. I think we're gonna remember these three games a long time-- much like the sweep in Arizona in 2001 that launched that incredible 2nd half when the Big Three all pitched great.

The texture is very different this time, but think of how momentous this week has been.

I predicted a 4-2 record, and hinted at better. And did so thinking we had two Zito starts and a Harden start-- and if I had known the former would be a long distance from quality and the latter wouldn't exist, I'd sure have backed off that call in a hurry.

And yet they won 5.

And they're over .500-- perhaps for good;

and they will be-- thanks to Big Papi-- no more than 2 games back of texas when the day is through and perhaps only 1 game back.

And they won 5 of 6 in perhaps the two biggest hellholes this team has played in the past few years.

Without Harden-- and most of the bullpen-- and Crosby over the weekend-- and a 100% Chavez-- and Ellis-- without Bradley really being back in form yet.

Kudos everywhere-- to Macha, who managed two pretty brilliant games in NY, no matter what the naysayers think. Calero-street was the right call today-- Huston has only thrown 26 innings this year and he has a day off. Sometimes you just have to ride the hot hand.

To Mike Rouse-- even in midnight has struck the ball was pretty good for a couple of days;

marco-- he's had some big hits, and he's playing the field well;

Kendall-- hitting better; got 2 runs in today;

Kotsay-- hitting better-- he's a decent table setter;

Halsey/gaudin-- did the job when we needed it;

Haren-- keeps on smokin';

Captain Kirk-- an atypical pitch count with a nice result;

BZ-- not his best-- but good enough to get a couple of wins;

Jay Pay-- bat is starting to heat up;

Chavy-- big problems at the plate, but the defense is brilliant and the guts are evident;

Swish-- won't let an extended slump take place. Got lucky and unlucky today... but he's still having a banner year;

kiko-- rounding into top form. No shudders when he enters the game anymore;

and then, in my mind, the three big stars of the week:

Huston Street-- he's back. He's good. He's dependable;

Frank Thomas-- he's a force when we needed it most. I'm sure he'll be back in the lineup Tuesday or Wednesday;

Dan Johnson-- all the naysayers demanding a move to AAA had better reconsider. Whether the dry eyes have been corrected somehow, or whether he's simply found his stroke, this guy is now smacking the ball around pretty well. OPS well over 1000 for the past few weeks. This lineup could be pretty imposing if and when we get all the parts working.

9-2 since and including the game when Kendall went yard; 8-2 in June;

here they come.

And i bet Bill is smiling even as he's pissed he missed out on the Carnegie Deli and a Saturday night show.

This one's for you, Bill.

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