Link Dump 5/3: What if it were Milton Bradley?

Okay, okay, so there was a fight yesterday.  And we all love Kendall because he's a gamer and a red ass.  But what would we be saying if it were Bradley who charged the mound?

AP wrap. Gotta love relievers:

"When I was running out there today, I was like, `Hey, I've done this before with Jason.' But I was out of breath by the time I got there, so I wouldn't have been able to do much."

Chron wrap. View from behind the mask:

[Umpire Dale] Scott thought that Lackey bore some of the blame, saying, "If Lackey doesn't aggressively yell at him, like he did, and almost challenge him in his body language, then Kendall doesn't go after him. He has to take some responsibility for the reasons these teams are on the field fighting."

LA Times Wrap.  John Lackey declares a thumb war:

The Angels lost again, but not meekly. After a Tuesday afternoon with the Oakland Athletics that included a bench-clearing brawl, a few punches, three ejections and three hit batters, John Lackey officially declared a feud.

Is there bad blood between the Angels and the A's?

"If there wasn't, there is now," Lackey said.

My favorite picture of the brouhaha:

Bobby looks like a puppy dog - "Lemme at 'em, lemme at 'em!" The guy next to him looks like Ted Lilly for some reason.  You can't tell, but there are eight guys waiting behind Big Frank to get into the pile-up.  Is that Kielty in the middle?  It looks like he's picking up somone's decapitated head.  Dan Johnson couldn't even let go of his batting gloves.  And then you've got Kendall and Lackey - in this picture, it looks like Kendall is trying to chomp off part of Lackey's considerable midsection.

Other oddities and news items:

A little bit of fun at Baseball Prospectus Matchups

My favorite banner at Fenway on Johnny Damon Comes Marching Home night was the one that read "T R A D E R." Maybe that show Boston Public was more realistic than we realized: students were too busy having affairs, gunfights, suicide pacts--and whatever the hell other contrivances they cooked up every week--to learn how to spell. At first I thought it was a moving tribute to '50s GM Frank "Trader" Lane. Then I realized, no, these are just some morons who can't spell. You'd think that a town with so many colleges in it would employ spell checkers at the turnstiles to examine banners looking for just this sort of thing.

Astros make offer to Clemens.  Just keep him away from the Rangers, okay?

Rosenthal's got notes.

The latest twist in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry -- the dramatic return of catcher Doug Mirabelli to the Red Sox on Monday night -- did not escape the attention of Millar, a member of the Red Sox from 2003 to '05.

The Red Sox re-acquired Mirabelli from the Padres in time for him to reunite with knuckleballer Tim Wakefield -- well, more or less in time; the game started four minutes late, evidently to accommodate Mirabelli's cross-country journey.

"Backup catcher Doug Mirabelli. Lear jet. Police escort. It's, what, the 26th game of the year? We've got 140 or so more? That's the drama. That's what makes (the rivalry) great. Something crazy always happens.

"So, (Jason) Varitek would have caught (Tim) Wakefield? Oh my God. The captain of the team would have caught Wakefield? It's not like it would have been (infielder) Alex Cora.

"That's what you laugh about. That's what you miss. That's what makes it great."

(emphasis mine)

No Millar, that's not what makes it great.  That's what makes the rest of the country hate both the teams.  The only thing that makes it great is two good baseball teams playing each other - kind of like what we have going out west.

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