June (4)th Link Dump

Fine, say that my small mind is beset by hobgoblins.   I don't care.  It worked once...

June is my favorite month of the year.  Summer begins, the CA primary election goes down, my birthday happens, there's a mark o' the beast date.  What more could anyone want?  That's why I was so delighted to awaken again this morning to the month of June 2006!  Happy June -4th everyone!  It's a great great day.

Excellent news--Harden's 65 pitch simulated game was a big success!  The A's are looking at June +7th in Cleveland as a possible Harden rotation return date.  Huzzah!

Slusser echoes the fab raves re Rich, though she adds that he threw fastballs and sliders only--no curves.  Melhuse noted that's really all Harden needs, and "said Scutaro during a break in the action, `Just like always, duro -- hard.'"

Schadenfreude news:  The KNBR-Giants love fest is devolving into (gasp) a business relationship.  The Chron's Tom Fitzgerald sets this against the larger MLB trend of changing radio alliances.  It all seems like much ado about nothing to me...the deal seems to benefit both an awful lot...but one can always hope.  Possibly disgruntled KNBR expatriot Bob Agnew is quoted at length, as follows:

"It's gone from a real family partnership to strictly business,'' (Agnew) said.  Suddenly, he said, the station and the team were battling each other for corporate sponsors. In place of an informal approach to promotions came an atmosphere in which any new idea by the station required a hard look at the contract. KNBR resented having to pay players to do weekly shows that were basically promotional vehicles for the team, he said.

"When we started negotiating a new deal at the start of 2004,'' Agnew said, "it really became apparent how strained and how difficult our relationship was.''

How often have the Giants objected to things said on KNBR's shows? "Daily,'' Agnew said...Several other people familiar with the inner workings of the station and/or the club agreed with his assessment.

The only constant is change news:  John Shea observes that the shoes are on the other feet in this year's MLB draft, with the Giants selecting 10th and 33rd, and professing willingness to pay for potential, while the A's don't pick until 66th.

And finally, no good deed goes unpunished news.  As last night's late night ANers know, the Pirates-Astros game went on for a while.  Astro catcher Eric Munson worked 18 exhausting innings.  The reward for his toils?  Getting plowed over by Pirate Jason Bay, who scored the winning run on a short sacrifice fly.  Tools of ignorance indeed.

Munson's grueling day ended this way:

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