MLB Extra Innings: Best/Worst local announcers

I've subscribed to the MLB Extra Innings package on DirecTv for three years now - I've moved from the Bay Area and I need my A's fix - and for any new subscribers, I offer my review of the best and the worst of local baseball announcing crews.  Feel free to add to the list or dispute mine.


A's (of course)

Mariners - I know that many will disagree, but they stick to the details of the game with only a small amount of homerism.

Baltimore - They aren't irritating, and believe me, that's enough to make the best list given the below.

Indians - see Baltimore

Kansas City - Yes, they have annoying voices but they know they cover a dreadful team and they don't attempt to hide the disgust in their voices during many an on-field failure (a side note: the Royals have the worst production values in MLB - the visual quality is terrible, with faded colors, fuzzy, out-of-focus camera shots and terrible on-air editing.  It looks like it's filmed using a relative's camcorder).


Texas Rangers


Hands down, the worst of the worst are the White Sox announcers.  Homerism to an extreme, "bad guys" vs. "good guys" babble that hardly teaches good sportsmanship to young viewers, and the unseemly habit of the broadcasters to include themselves as part of the team ("We really got that run in!").  An excessive overuse of player nicknames ("Good eye, Paulie, good eye"). Execrable.  Nauseating.  Avoid at all costs.

Angels:  Steve Physioc appears to have a mancrush on every Angels player, which in and of itself wouldn't bother me.  However, adding Rex Hudler to this mix brings the annoyance level to high pitch - perhaps he's desperate to be forgiven by upper Angels management for his unfortunate drug bust, but his constant stream of unsullied praise for Angels management throughout the broadcasts is stomach-churning.  His schtick of playing with a baseball whenever the camera is on him is apparently supposed to remind us that he was once a scrappy MLB player.  Whatever.  This crew is gross, just gross.

Giants - Almost as irritating as the Angels crew.  I'd place them first except perhaps their Bonds-worship this year will be somewhat tempered - time will tell.

Cardinals - the leering, smug Joe Buck for some reason makes me queasy. He seems to hover over sports like a nightmare and he's friggin' everywhere - I'd rather eat glass than listen to a Cardinal's broadcast. I hit the mute button when I want to see Mulder pitch.

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